WHAT NOW? ┃ Life Update

Hello all! College is over,I have passed the NCLEX-RN and I start my nursing job next week! That means I have had to adjust to a new style of life. If you are interested in a life update as well as plans, keep reading!


While I was away on break my nursing program finally decided to hold a virtual “pinning ceremony”. It was pretty melodramatic you know the corny speeches from people we’ve never met and poorly written student speeches. I ended up being recognized for graduating Magna Cum Laude. I missed Summa Cum Laude by 0.1…Yeah pretty embarrasing…

I also recieved an award for “Outstanding Student Leadership”. Don’t really know how I got that as I don’t see myself as a leader. I never really shared, but I was on my program’s Executive SNA Board and that was by far the most difficult leadership experience I had because the team sucked…It was a great lesson for life though!


A couple of weeks ago I submitted my “resignation” from my volunteer position with my hospital’s Child Life Department. This was really painful for me, because it was one of the few things I enjoyed. I am not an emotional person and I actually got emotional. Especially knowing I am stuck with adult care for the unforseeable future… For now I am working on finding a potential place to volunteer as a nurse once I complete one year of working on my own. I miss my kiddos, the families (rude and polite) and the doggies…

Update: I spoke with the volunteer coordinator and I will continue to assist with special events. I am hoping I can help out in December of this year if volunteers are allowed back then.


I really miss the student lifestyle. I was always busy, I alaways had something to do between studying, work, the gym, volunteering and student leadership. Right now all I have to keep me busy is the gym. I am the type of person who is miserable if I am not busy, so I have got to find multiple things to do. Since I have no plans for graduate school (The nursing profession seems to really puh it), I have been brainstorming some ideas. I have been working on fine-tuning my medical Spanish and grammar and I’ve been enjoying that…


Well, I am still here posting away. The blog is still here to stay in fact I am thinking about taking it more seriously and making some investments into the blog. This would help me stay a little busy. Right now I am just crunching some numbers as I have made a few financial plans. My desire is to really improve my content, photos, etc. It will take some time, but I have all the time now!

That is pretty much it. Stay tuned to hear about my first week of nurse residency and my experiences as a new-grad ER nurse!


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