These ideas do not reflect the ideas of the nursing program I went to. Nor do they reflect the opinions of other nursing students. These are my opinions shared with the hopes of improving the program.

Hello everyone. Welcome to the final portion of my nursing school exit review. Keep reading if you are interested! Make sure to check out Part One & Part Two before reading this one.


“As far as clinical experiences, I will say they were mediocre, but that is expected with some clinical days. I do wish clinical was considered more into our overall grade, as I have found many are high-performing as far as paper goes but in clinical it is a different story.  I did enjoy our service-learning based clinical for pediatrics and it would have been nice to receive service learning credit on our transcripts for that. (Like they promised)”

“I never had a poor clinical instructor. I will say the saving grace of this program are the clinical instructors, they were all very knowledgeable and honestly inspiring. I don’t have many things to say about the classroom instructors, for the most part they were good, but I was disappointed in some of their knowledge base (specifically in anatomy & physiology). This only applied to a few of my instructors, but I would like to point out that nurses should be able to explain the physiology behind a disease and use that to explain their nursing plan of care. I feel that many of my peers were not able to make that connection because the program did not enforce that enough.”

“I also feel like the program tries to force students to make a decision about becoming an advanced practitioner. Although, encouraging higher education is warranted, I feel that this can many to lose sight of the need for quality bedside care BEFORE you reach that step. I also became a bit “down” towards the end of my program completion because I felt the lectures were lackluster and I was tired of my instructors reading off of a Powerpoint slide (XX [Name of instructor omitted for privacy] excluded). These combined led me to feel a bit disheartened with my decision to attend the program and join the nursing profession all together. Although there are aspects of nursing I enjoy, I do believe if I return to school it will be a nontraditional route.”

“I also would like to see the nursing program vet their students a bit more. A 15 minute interview never hurt and consideration of community service experience and campus involvement would be a great addition to the application. It also would be an advantage for the nursing program as many students have connections the program could tap into. I really do wish the best for XXXXX [Name of nursing school omitted for privacy] and really want to see it rise to the top in the state, I hope all feedback is taken into consideration and will make this program a force to be reckoned with.”

That is it! All in all I enjoyed the experience of being in school, but some days I do wonder if nursing school as a mistake… It is my hope that I simply went through a mediocre program. Feel free to leave any thoughts in the comments. Thanks for reading!


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