Hello all! This is just a random post to say I passed my ED Nurse Residency final. I can’t lie, I am extremely dissapointed with my score, but I passed. I just struggle with self doubt anytime it comes to nursing things…

I also fumbled through my simulation. I think the educators probably think I am dumb… I definetly feel like the dumbest person they hired in my cohort, but this is simply not my passion so I am trying to give myself some grace.

Anyway, looks like I am stuck here for the next two years and in exactly one week I will be working on my own on the day shift (I am finishing up orienting on nights). I hate day shift with a passion so hopefully next year arrives quickly so I can feel like I actually have a life. I am trying my best to remain positive, but it is becoming hard as I am picking up more red flags in the environment. Right now, I am just putting my head down and working not just at work, but also on this blog. Stay tuned for new content!



  1. Anna, I am happy you passed. I know that this area isn’t your thing (I want to do neonatal nursing and chances are looking slim), but perhaps it would help to look at it as an extension of a nursing school for the time being and try to make the best of it. Remember, eventually, your managers or co-workers in the ED may have to serve as references for you when you try to move to Peds or Women’s Services. Sorry hope I didn’t overstep, was just trying to give you a different outlook.

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    1. No worries! I have been trying to keep that concept in mind as well. I think my case is a little interesting in that I turned down my dream specialty (in which I had experience) to come here for strategic purposes. I actually have not shared my plans yet and probably won’t. I still do my job with a neutral attitude. Don’t worry! Even if you don’t get to neonatal right away , when you get there you will probably never leave! Everyone I know LOVES it!


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