Freshman Year of College: An Honest Reflection

Freshman year of college, can bring about a lot of emotions for some including excitement, nervousness and maybe even a bit of fear. I am writing and posting this post now since I have had about a few weeks to reflect. 


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If I could describe my freshman year in one word it would be normal. Yes, this may seem a bit strange, but as far as living on campus and managing the workload I was quite prepared.

As far as academics and adjusting to living on campus, I adapted smoothly. My only challenge was the food. I go to a small university in the country, so there are not many food options. French fries and burgers are not appetizing, maybe once a week, but anything more I would start feeling sick. Finding fresh food was a challenge, but that is a blog post for another time.

I also struggled with making friends. I did not make a single friend during my first two semesters at school. I did not connect or communicate much with my suite-mates or classmates. When I did, it was really quite challenging for me as an extremely introverted person, as well as being a modest dresser (you look different than everyone else because you’re in a skirt). So most of my free time was either spent catching up on sleep or crying in my dorm room. I ate by self, went to the gym by myself, etc. That is the honest and brutal truth of college that people don’t talk about, luckily I expected this (being a modest dresser), so it was not much of a shock for me.

I enjoyed the majority of my courses and professors and I definitely built a solid foundation of information to continue building on for the next semester. I do feel as if I lived in the library almost every night, but it was all worth it. Being a nursing major is a difficult task. I can’t imagine how tough nursing school itself is, but pre-requisites are not a “walk in the park”.

Overall, I generally enjoyed my freshman year aside from being lonely and such. Sorry for this quick, scattered, reflection I am currently preparing for my summer internship (which I will be blogging about). If you have any questions at all, leave them below or message me on Polyvore if you have an account.

Thanks for reading!



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