August 13-20 Weekly Spread

Hello all! I wanted to share my first week of sophomore college year with you all, planner style. The first week of school is a bit slow, because classes did not begin until Thursday. This is my first full week in this planner, and this spread is not extremely beautiful, but hopefully in the future they will look cleaner.

Note: This post is in no way sponsored. Any links provided are resources that may be helpful for you. I am not receiving any benefits, nor am I working with any companies.


Weekly Spread

This week’s spread isn’t as neat as I wanted it to be, but this is real-life people. I also had to block out my Pathophysiology professor’s phone number 😬. I am not as into decoration like others, but everyone has their different style (which is awesome).


Monday thru Wednesday was fairly slow and just full of going to on-campus events to collect freebies. 😂

I got a solid total body workout in on Monday + thirty minutes of HIIT cardio on the treadmill afterwards (lunges/side-steps on a 3.0 incline). I was hobbling all week. It felt great to be back in the gym after a super-busy, working summer.

I do plan on writing more blog posts on working out in a skirt/modesty (once I purchase a mirror).

Classes began on Thursday. You can read about my first day of sophomore year here.

Friday was my first day of Pathophysiology. I am not going to lie, I am a bit terrified. I will talk about it more this Thursday.

As you can see I like to use my clear stamps to make to-do lists for the weekend. I color the boxes according to my color-coding system.

I also provided you guys with a couple pictures from this past week! I also wanted to go on a tiny rant about the eclipse. I was outside the path of totality on campus (by 2 miles 😱), nevertheless it was an amazing experience. It was really exciting to feel the temperature drop and all of nature go silent. I did not get any pictures of the eclipse, because I really just wanted to soak it in.

Supplies Used:

  • Pilot G-2 Pen (0.38mm) — Staples
  • Ultra Fine Point Sharpie Markers — Staples
  • Gray X Thin Washi — Dollar Tree
  • Gray Sneaker Stickers — Etsy
  • Laundry Day Sticker — Etsy
  • Quiz Sicker — Etsy
That is all! This was a pretty straightforward post. I am sorry the photos are not the best, it was night time. Did you get to experience the eclipse last week?

9 thoughts on “August 13-20 Weekly Spread

    1. Thank you! My hope is to show the reality of planning. When you are a busy student, not all of us have time to make the most attractive spreads. As long as it is functional with a little hint of washi/stickers, I am happy. Thanks for reading!

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      1. A key system basically just uses symbols to help you set reminders or priorities. It’s just an alternative to color coordination☺

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