Nursing School Application Jitters

Hello all! Welcome back to another Thoughtful Thursday! I am sorry for not posting a Thoughtful Thursday last week, but school was kicking my behind (and still is)! Let us begin!

Check out my most recent life update if you are interested in what has been going on for the past month.


If you have been keeping up with my most recent posts you may know that I took my ATI TEAS VI exam on October 18. Thank God, I passed with an 82%. My goal was to pass the exam on the first try with a Proficient score or above. My school’s nursing program requires us to score a Proficient score minimum and my score was an Advanced. I decided to go ahead and fill out/submit my application to knock it out of the way. So I did!

So, how do I feel after applying to nursing school? I really don’t know how to feel. I feel like I just began my freshman year yesterday, but nope, I am already a sophomore and I have applied to nursing school at 18. It all feels a little surreal. Once I submitted my application, I could not help but think what happens if I do get accepted. I seem to have this fear at the back of my mind to begin nursing school, because I see nursing students on campus and they look awful. I have even seen some have mental breakdowns in the library 😆. I can’t help but be scared, because nursing school is a beast and I can’t even imagine how it will all hit me on day 1. I watch a lot of nursing students on YouTube and I admire how they manage school, fitness, etc, I only hope I can succeed like they are. But for now we play the waiting game until February!

Moving on…This semester has been going so far, just going. I am doing surprisingly well in Pathophysiology, guys like I’m surprised. I do get overwhelmed with that class often, but not as much as my chemistry class. I want my blog to be transparent and I want to make it clear that I do not have my stuff together all the time. So I am embarrassed to say that I managed to score a whopping 60 on my chemistry lab midterm and I have an overall grade in chemistry of around 75%. Am I happy about that? No, my goal was to try to manage all As and try and keep my science GPA as high as I could before nursing school, because I know it won’t be as nice. However, at this point I have lowered my standards and am praying for a B and I know my GPA will probably keep sinking once nursing school hits. 😞 I am discouraged because my lab professor keeps giving me 50s, 60s and 70s on my lab reports, so I have been feeling pretty down. At this point I do feel like I may not be smart enough to snag one of those slots in the program. Overall I am counting down the weeks until this semester is over.

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5 thoughts on “Nursing School Application Jitters

  1. You got an awesome score on the TEAS!! Best of luck with school. You will get accepted. Nursing school is hard but if you can manage your time wisely and stay ahead you will be fine. I think I had a few mental breakdowns this semester and thankfully I have friends and family who pick me up and keep me pushing towards my goals.

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