My College Schedule (Spring 2018)

Hello all! Well today I finish my first week of my spring semester classes. Well, not really we’ve been cancelled because of snow and black ice… I decided to share my schedule with you all! I hope this gives you a slight insight into a typical day for me as a pre-nursing student.


Classes: In college, everyday is a little different depending on what classes you have. I made a little schedule chart to provide a better picture of just my academic schedule. This schedule gets a bit more packed when you add any club meetings, group meetings and even gym time! As you can see I have no classes on Monday and Friday, which is a blessing. I am definitely going to enjoy this before nursing school, because this is my only time in college that I have had a whole day off(aside from the weekends).


Gym: This semester it is my goal to go the gym not two times a week but three. Having class-free Mondays really helps with this. Last semester, my gym days were Mondays and Thursdays. Sometimes I would have to move the Monday workout to Tuesday, but it all worked out in the end. This semester I hope to go to the gym on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Studying: Something that I did not add to the chart is that I do have one online course: Nutrition. I plan to work on Nutrition on Monday mornings. I plan to use my Mondays and Fridays not just to sleep in, but to act as study/homework days. Wednesday is also a great day to knock out homework assignments. This will give me more time to be really productive. I plan to go home on Thursday afternoons, so I will be able to spend more time at home.

Thanks for reading!



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