How I Manage College, Work and Extracurriculars

Hello all! Well, as most of you all know I am in college. I am currently in my last semester of prerequisites for nursing school and will be beginning the program in the fall. Not only am I a full-time student, but I also work, and am involved in extracurriculars . For this post, I will be sharing my tips for managing it all!


School, working, volunteering at a local children’s hospital, being in an honor society, etc may seem like a lot. If you are wondering how I do it, keep reading!

  • Get organized.

This is the first and most important tip I can give. If you decide to stop reading this post, at least GET ORGANIZED. If you have to get a planner, dry erase board calendar, planner app, or some sort of system to manage your schedule, please do! I rely on my planner because it allows me to manipulate my study schedule around my work schedule.

  • Know what your extracurricular activities and job require from you.

This is also very important. When joining clubs, honor societies, etc. pay attention to how many meetings you are required to attend. For instance, my honor society only requires us to attend one meeting a semester (every meeting is a repeat). At this meeting we have to turn in our requirements (dues, volunteer hour documentation and service items).

I am blessed enough to have a weekend job that fits my Sunday schedule and a class schedule with Mondays and Fridays off. I use a couple of my Fridays in the month to volunteer, and use Mondays as “work-days” to study, complete my work for my online nutrition class and just be as productive as possible.

  • Don’t overstretch yourself.

It can be tempting to want to join every new opportunity in sight, but do not join a million extracurriculars. Once the semester picks up, you will begin to start feeling extremely overwhelmed (especially if you are working as well). Choose wisely!

  • Keep calm.

Last but not least, stay calm and do your best to keep a clear mind. Take some time to relax if you can.

How do you manage all of your time? Thank you for reading!


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