What to Do With Pre-Req Notes

Hello all! Today I wanted to share a quick post with you all! Thank God, I have successfully completed all of my pre-requisite courses & have been accepted to my school’s BSN program! It feels like a daze now, but I will be posting a Thoughtful Thursday post soon.  The real question is, what to do with all of the books, notes, and flashcards? Keep reading if you want to see how I am tackling this dilemma.


In case anyone does not know, here are links with lists of all the pre-req courses I have taken:

If you have any questions on how I passed these courses, check out my Study Tips tab under the Pre-Nursing section of my blog!

I will be keeping the following items:

Anatomy & Physiology I

As far as A&P I,  I will be keeping the reading guides, my professor provided us with, because they were basically guided notes for assigned readings. I completed every single reading guide and even drew out diagrams/models which will help whenever I decided to look over them. I also kept all of my labeled diagrams of organs/organ systems (e.g. bones, muscles, nervous system, etc.). I thought it could never hurt to brush up on muscles and even bone markings!

Anatomy & Physiology II

My A&P II lecture professor, did not provide us with notes or study guides, therefore I ended up typing out all of my notes after lecture and scanning in the images from the book that he pointed out. I will be keeping those in a folder along with my A&P I material. I will be keeping my labeled diagrams from lab as well.  I think these are very important, because a large portion of my A&P II course was endocrine and renal and there are a lot of feedback chains involved in that. My textbook was the same for I & II and was in a binder form, I decided to keep it even though my Patho professor said we would not need it (more on that later).

Introduction to Spanish for Healthcare Professionals I & II

Of course, I am keeping these notes and the textbook! My professor rarely taught from the book, but I see it as a very valuable resource to help me build my vocabulary. My hope is to one day take a bilingual employee exam (I may not pass, but at least I tried). I really like Spanish and after learning it for about 7 years, I can say I will continue to be learning for the rest of my life. My plan is to rewrite or type my notes out & then get them bound together.


As my Patho professor recommended, I purchased and will be keeping all of my notes/material from Patho. My professor actually told us that for the program we will be referring to the Patho book more than the Anatomy (She actually told us to get rid of our Anatomy text!). There are rumors that this Patho book may be used again during Med-Surg and it is a fairly recent text, so I feel I will get some decent use of out it. I plan on getting my Patho notes bound together as well.

Developmental Psychology

As much as I disliked this course, some of the content will come back to haunt me. I tossed the PowerPoints because I have everything to refer back to on Blackboard; however, I kept the typed study guides I made for myself. They have all of the theories, ages  and main concepts on them, which may be useful later.


That is pretty much it! As far as nutrition, I did toss those PowerPoints because I have access to them on Blackboard as well. I will be keeping my Micro study guides that I wrote out, along with the infections chart from out infections unit. I did not keep any of my chemistry notes (per the advice of my Patho professor). I also chucked my history, English, College Algebra, Stats, etc.


Let me know what notes you keep or have kept!






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