How I Am Paying for Nursing School [Semester #1]

Hello all! I made a post very similar to this during my freshman year and I decided to write another, once I began nursing school. This post is going to be a lot better, because I have some spreadsheets and even more details on money and things like that. You can look at the old post here if you like. This post will cover ALL my costs for the first semester of nursing school.

How Much Nursing School Really Costs

This post is not to be boastful. My only hope is that this post will be a resource for those who are curious about the cost of nursing school and provide more clarity. This post is not sponsored all opinions are my own and items were purchased by myself and immediate family members.

How much does nursing school cost?

Well aside from the typical tuition,there are other fees. I have listed these all and I have shown the whopping total as well:

  • Tution(state resident) $5,604
  • Room & Board $2,270
  • Meal Plan $1,378
  • Fees (general) $870
    • Health fee-$65
    • Housing technology fee-$30
    • Security fee-$35
    • Technology fee-$140
  • Fees (nursing) $600
    • $40 x 15 credit hours


Please keep in mind that all schools have varying prices, fees and such.

How are you paying for this portion of school (this semester)?


  • State Scholarship $3,500 (renewable)
  • Valedictorian Scholarship from University $3,500 (renewable)
  • HOSA Scholarship (Held this one from high school until now) $1,000
  • Scholarship from high school county system $1,000 (renewable)

Total Scholarship Money=$9,000

So, overall this semester of nursing school bill will cost me: $1,992

How much do books and supplies cost?

Let’s break this list down into two. This first list is for the supplies required by my program:

  • Scrubs
    • Tops (2 scrub tops) $57.90
  • Shoes~$48.00
  • Stethoscope (Littmann Classic III) $94.99
    • Blood Pressure Cuff $29.99
    • Pen Light & Bandage Scissors $10.00
  • White coat $20.00
    • Embroidery onto coat $9.00
    • Patch $5.00
    • Name tag $9.00
  • Background Check $45.00
  • Immunizations/Clinical Clearance (depends on your situation…)
    • Online Training System $10.00
    • TB Test $36.00
  • CPR for Healthcare Providers (Depends on your situation, I was already certified from my internship.)

This second list is a list of books/supplies and their costs:

  • Fundamentals of Nursing $59.14
  • Pharmacology $40.00 (rental)
  • ATI access code $292.15
  • School Supply Haul ~$43.00

Supplies total=$845.18

How are you paying for books and supplies?

I do not use any of my scholarship funds for books and supplies, because I have no overage. Overage is any extra money you may have left over after your bill has been paid from financial aid. My school takes all of your financial aid money and places it towards footing your bill, overage will go to you to purchase books and supplies. In order to avoid purchasing supplies at one time, I began collecting items as soon as finals week was over in May. I made sure to purchase my typical school supplies during my state’s tax free weekend.

  • Money from family member (I am blessed enough to have a Dad who is willing to help out.)
  • Money from work (Part-Time job on the weekends, I do save. I also used this money to purchase textbooks, my uniform and other items.)

So, the whopping grand cost=$11,837.18

If you have any more questions, feel free to leave a comment! I am more than happy to answer any questions.

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