Nursing School: First Semester Reflection

Hello everyone! This post will contain a few highlights from this past semester. As most of you know, I just completed my first semester of nursing school! What is it like? Was it hard? Do you really not have a life?  If you are curious, keep reading!
Nursing School_ First Semester Reflection

Busy work.

nursing_studentI have heard many nursing school YouTube channels say that nursing school would be a lot easier without all of the busy work…It is true! Between the ATI assignments, readings, ATI worksheets and lecture preparation you are drowning in little “things” to do. Did I mention clinical, labs, simulations, check-offs, etc.? However, I did not mind it. All of the busy work is actually helping you reinforce the information. It can only help build a firmer foundation of knowledge.


Pharmacology struggles.

This semester, I was frustrated with myself because I could not do as well as I wanted to on Pharmacology exams. During exams, I would panic and the self-doubt would kick in. Normally I can push past the self-doubt, but Pharmacology test bested me. My frustration would only grow once I would sit down in office hours and be able to break down why I got each question wrong.

I was so embarrassed every time I went to office hours because my instructor would literally just say “Okay, I’m not going to explain, because I know you you know what is wrong”. This was very humiliating. I even had an “A student” (student who literally got As on everything in first semester) baffled. They asked me “How in the world can I be an A student and you know the content better than me”? This was true whenever asked to recall information and apply it in clinical, I did very well compared to high-scorers. If anyone knows what might have been going on please share in the comments…

Impostor syndrome.

I don’t know if everyone goes through this, but I definitely did. At one point in the semester, Impostor Syndrome hit me hard. My mind began fighting against me. “I am too dumb”. I think I will go through this until graduation, so I am just trying to deal with it.

Content over grades.

nursing_studentThis is something my Developmental Psychology professor told me and it has revolutionized my learning and retention. “Study to learn the content and your grades will follow”. I began doing that and even though I had good grades before, it relieved so much pressure to focus on the information. Now, I always judge my preparedness by my content knowledge base. This is honestly, my comfort and something I remind myself of all the time. I believe it will pay off in the long run.

I struggle with partner work.

This semester we were assigned a different clinical partner for each hospital clinical day. I found that I struggled to take care of a patient with a partner attached to my hip. This  sounds really bad and I don’t mean it to…I look forward to feeling like a “real nursing student” next semester where we work independently. I know I will be challenged next semester, because we will be expected to think like nurses…

I became very irritated towards the end of the semester.

Anyone that knows me personally, knows I am very introverted. I don’t like to talk unless necessary, and I prefer blunt, direct answers. A lot of people are surprised I even work where I work, because it requires a very extroverted personality…Nursing school is very much a social setting. After all you are spending the next couple of years with the same people. After a couple of months, I was annoyed with how much the majority of my class talks. During other people’s presentations, during lectures, when our instructors are trying to give us sound advice… Dare I say that many of my peers are childish?


Overall, I enjoyed first semester! I cannot see myself doing anything else, truly. I am not really good at anything, but I feel I could be a very competent nurse with time. If anyone has any questions on first semester, please feel free to ask! I am an “open-book”.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your break if you are in school!




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