My Spring 2019 Nursing School Schedule

Hello all! Happy New Year! New year, same me… The next semester is rolling up on us. Let us brace ourselves… I decided to share a general overview of what my class/clinical (s) for the spring 2019 semester. I’ll also chat a little about what my expectations/impressions!

second semester nursing school schedule

  • Monday
    • OB Lecture 09:00-12:00
    • ~15:00 Arrive at clinical site to receive patient assignment
  • Tuesday
    • OB Clinical 07:00-19:00
  • Wednesday 
    • OB Lecture 09:00-12:00
    • ~15:00 Arrive at clinical site to receive patient assignment
  • Thursday
    • Med-Surg 1 Clinical 07:00-19:00
  • Friday
    • Med-Surg Lecture 09:00-12:00

Alright! Let’s discuss my upcoming semester. In my nursing program this was known as the hardest semester because previous students had to take Pharmacology as well during the second semester. However, my cohort is the first to have a different setup: Med-Surg 1 all semester, first 7 weeks is either Peds/OB and then you switch for the last 7 weeks. This upcoming semester I will have OB first! I am quite nervous about OB, because female bodies are complicated and pregnant women make me nervous. I am also pretty nervous about Med-Surg 1, because all I have heard is “You will die”. At this point I am taking everything with a grain of salt. As far as I know, it is challenging because you are beginning to put the pieces together and think more like a nurse. My instructors are tough (which is expected), but I am actually looking forward to the challenge. I am hoping that my critical thinking skills improve and am hoping to provide exceptional care to my patients next semester.

If you are in school, what courses are you taking next semester? Do any nurses/nursing students have any advice for Med-Surg 1/OB/Peds?



9 thoughts on “My Spring 2019 Nursing School Schedule

  1. I LOVED MY OB COURSE! Just make sure you are managing your time well, utilizing your planner, doing readings, and UTILIZE TEST BANK GO! If you haven’t heard about it, definitely go to the site, find your book if it is there and then read through the chapters assigned to you for each unit before a test. They are amazing practice questions with very detailed rationales related to content in each chapter.

    I am in Critical Care, Community, and Nursing Research. I graduate in July and CANNOT WAIT!

    Good luck!!!!

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    1. Thanks for the advice! I’ve been making sure to keep up with my readings. Especially since I only have two more weeks left in the class! I will admit I will be very overjoyed to simply pass it…Thanks for reading!!


  2. OB for me was amazing! My professor explained the information to our class so clearly, I rarely had an issues in the class. I would recommend definitely knowing the medication for when you want to stop labor or induce it. Know your medication for hemorrhages as well! Look on youtube for videos on how to read the fetal heart tones! “VEAL CHOP” is what we used to know what help us understand fetal heart tones. You will do great in OB don’t stress , believe in yourself! Hope you have a great semester!

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    1. Thanks for all the advice! I’ve been in OB for a week now. I love my instructor, but unfortunately the content doesn’t interest me much. I will make sure to put more time towards the medications. We just learned “VEAL CHOP MINE” and let’s just say I was a little stressed! All in all the science behind it all is pretty interesting! Thanks for reading!


  3. Sounds like you have a challenging but exciting semester ahead!

    I also will be in my second semester of nursing school, but my schedule is very different. I’ll have nursing nutrition, health assessment, pharmacology, nursing fundamentals, and one non-nursing course.

    I hope you write about what OB is like for you. At my school, we don’t have it until senior year, but I’m nervous about it. For some reason, I get super uncomfortable around pregnant women. I thought I was the only one, so although I wish it weren’t an issue for you, it’s somewhat comforting to know that you get nervous around them too. I wish you all the best!

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    1. Hi Tina! I am excited, but also nervous. I will absolutely be writing about my experience(s) in OB. I’m glad to know I’m not strange. I feel like most of my female classmates are super excited, while I am a bit hesitant.

      It sounds like you have a busy semester ahead too! Health assessment was a pretty fun course, because it was very hands on. Fundamentals was too, but it was also a lot of content. If found Pharmacology interesting, despite it giving me trouble. I wrote about that during some of my recent reflection posts. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every bit of it! I’m looking forward to reading about your experience! Thanks for reading!

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  4. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll do great!

    We spent a great deal on OB the last month or more of last semester! We didn’t do OB clinicals however so it’s great that you will get that real-life experience. Also, one of our OB instructors kind of ruined ever wanting to work in OB for me so I hope your instructors are better! Next semester will be heavy for me. I will be taking Pharmocology, Pathophysiology, & Chronic & Palliative Care! Along with that, I will have a weekly clinical consisting of simulations and/or on-site clinicals at a transitional care facility. We don’t get to step into a hospital setting until the third semester!

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    1. Wow! It sounds like you have a lot coming up. That’s very interesting that you all do not step into the hospital until third semester. We did 3 clinical days first semester and I loved it! I am looking forward to being able to make connections during this semester’s clinical. Study hard and keep going! If you like, Check out my posts with Patho and Pharm tips. Thanks for reading!

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