I Hate OB…

Hello everyone! I’m back with my usual optimistic blog post… Just kidding! This blog post will be a rapid-fire snapshot of my current state at this point in the semester.

Nursing School_ I Hate OB

Well, as the title says I hate OB. Luckily the course is over in about 2 weeks, about week three/four of the course and we had our second exam today. The drop date is this Friday… Needless to say I didn’t do as well as I wanted. This isn’t new for me though, I just tend to under-perform in tests. I ended up with a C but our professor gave us a point back which barely pushes me over to a whopping B- for this test.

I’m disappointed. I was not expecting an A, but would have liked to score a high B. I put a lot into studying for this exam. I studied everything from lecture last week and felt I had a good grasp on the content until Monday.

What happened Monday? Well, I walked into lecture as usual only to discover our main instructor was not lecturing. This isn’t the first time this has happened and normally I don’t care, but the instructor who fills in simply reads of the PowerPoint slides. She was just hired so I’m being patient, but it is a struggle. Monday lecture was a struggle I ended up leaving that lecture completely confused about what I studied the night before. I’m just disappointed in myself for not leaving when my gut told me to. I wouldn’t have missed anything.

I’m not blaming my grade on that instructor, I’m really blaming myself. I had already studied the lecture for Monday and understood what I was looking at, but ended up confused and extremely anxious. I am also disappointed in myself because it seems that I can never do good on tests. I know I’m not supposed to listen to others but it is very discouraging to hear how many of your classmates crammed and received far better grades than you. I understand content. I make connections during clinical and can analyze the situation but stick me behind a computer screen and I’m good for nothing. I’m doing everything “right” only to be rewarded with little…

I’m not good at anything in life. I thought I would be good at nursing, but this semester seems to be telling me I’m too dumb to be a nurse. Nursing is all I want to do… Nursing school makes me feel worthless…


6 thoughts on “I Hate OB…

  1. Do not give up! Just because you don’t like OB does not mean you won’t absolutely love something else. OB is HARD… it has a completely different language than the rest of the medical field. You are doing great. Nursing school is very good at making you feel like you’re not good enough. Do not let it do that. You are brilliant! Like I said in a previous comment, TEST BANK GO! Invest some time to look at the site. It is amazing.

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  2. I relate to your last paragraph a little too much! It’s been tough lately, and although I logically know that I am good at some things and I am not worthless, gosh darn feelings can get in the way of truth sometimes. However, they can also be beneficial…
    It sucks that you had such a difficult week and that your hard work didn’t pay off for the exam. Something one of my professors has reminded me of is that you can be an amazing nurse without being a good test taker. Perhaps you can hold onto the fact that you care a lot about people and that you will provide great care for your patients regardless of the quality of the teaching and exams?
    Hope you and I and all the other student nurses out there have a productive and restful weekend and that next week is better!

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    1. Hi Tina!
      I related to your most recent post a lot too!! “Perhaps you can hold onto the fact that you care a lot about people and that you will provide great care for your patients regardless of the quality of the teaching”. I’ll have to remember that more often. Thanks for reading!

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  3. Hello, I would just like to say that I know it can be difficult but I know you can do it. As far as the instructor thing I completely understand. Last semester we had an instructor that taught but the tests were made by an instructor that no longer teaches. We also had many guest lecturers, when we would come to our main professor with questions her response was, ” I don’t know, I didn’t teach it”. This is proven to be very unhelpful. As far as OB goes the way my school does it this semester we split Peds and OB currently the first half of the semester I am in Peds. After spring break I go into OB. OB definitely isn’t for everyone, we had a peer get to watch a delivery and he passed out. I enjoy seeing your updates even though I don’t get to reply I definitely read them. Continue to work hard I know you can do it.

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    1. Hello! I agree! Although I find the content interesting…I despise it. I will admit, it probably did not help that out of all of our clinical groups, my group did not get to experience anything. That’s a part of it, I guess. For my program, students could pick if they would do Peds/OB first. I’m glad I decided to take OB first! I’m remaining optimistic for Peds in a few weeks. Thanks for reading!

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