Road to RN: Tired of Studying

Week two of studying for NCLEX… Here is a quick update/rambling. Keep reading if you are interested.

CHAPTER 2. Loomings

Well. I am tired of studying for NCLEX. Honestly, I am feeling very defeated and disappointed with myself. This week I studied OB and Peds. I don’t think all the review or the practice problems helped. I know the content, but for some reason with these two subjects I always doubt myself. Maybe my mean classmates were right and I would have been a lousy Peds nurse. 🤣 Did’nt help that my programs Peds and OB courses were HORRIBLE. The OB instructor was great, but the class was rushed/ The Peds instructor was TERRIBLE. 🤣 No joke… I did smash my clinical and time in Peds for externship though, working at a children’s non-profit helped too… 🤷 Not trying to brag, just trying to work on counting myself out, its my biggest flaw…

That is the strange thing about nursing school with some people. For me I did the worst in Peds, yet my dream is to work with those patients in the future…I’ll just keep trying practice problems…

So, if you read my last post you would know my debacle with trying to find an NCLEX date. Any fellow Nursing Class of 2020 know waht I am talking about. I managed to find one date in June and then found an earlier June date yesterday! Thank God. I am very nervous about how this test will roll out, but I am so tired of studying. I still haven’t taken graduation pictures yet and will probably have to do them myself after I take NCLEX… I can’t believe I am taking NCLEX in less than two week!

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