My NCLEX-RN Results

Hello all! This is the post where I share my NCLEX-RN results! Keep reading if you are interested!

Well, I PASSED! This actually did not suprise me because I felt very much at peace while taking the exam and after completing it. I also took the 18 out of 60 SATA questions as a good signs. All in all it feel very surreal, it honestly has not hit me. I can’t actually believe I have managed to become a nurse at 20! I feel so strange! I also have a slight feeling of “letdown”. Although I did not agree with the nursing school model, I miss being in school. I also feel strange because my nursing career is different than what I expected.

I am relieved, but sad because I will miss being a student! Thank you to anyone who has read my blog throughout and the years and have commented, liked, etc. I can’t wait to continue to share my journey as I know there will be many ups and downs. I also cannot wait to share some short term goals, plans, etc. I am also hoping now I will have time to incorporate more modest lifesyle posts. I woud also like to continue to provide study tips and advice for pre-nursing, nursing and new nurses. Don’t worry I am currently working on NCLEX-RN posts. ER, HERE I COME.

Thanks for reading!

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