I Submitted My Letter of Resignation

Hello all! Well, today is a random post, just to share my thoughts. It’s official I submitted my letter of resignation from my current position in the hospital as a PRN Unit Secretary/Monitor Tech!

I submitted my “letter of resignation” about a week ago. It is not a traditional letter of resignation, simply a notice to my department to let them know I have received and accepted an RN Emergency Nurse Resident position. This feels so strange.

If anyone actually reads this blog (haha), I have been in this current position for about 8 months. I recieved the job via the nurse externship I completed this past summer. I was pretty much handed the job by the Director of Nursing who made it her mission to get each one of the externs who weren’t graduating that upcoming semester with jobs who wanted them. I am so grateful for that opportunity, because going from my Part-Time Job working with children (which I loved) to a PRN position was so flexible. I was in my Part-Time job for a year and was glad to leave due to being overworked and underpaid. I had also volunteered there for five years prior and was excited to move on.

I desperately missed working with children, but the flexibility of hospital PRN hours was unbeatbable. Not to mention I made a year’s salary at my old job working less hours in four months. Granted there were things I did not enjoy about my job, but that is expected with each job. I love being a floater because I never know where I will end up for the shift. I may even change locations in the middle of the shift. A few times I found myself in the Children’s Hospital and of course I was so happy to be there I could have cried.

My official duties include being an upper-level Unit Secretary, meaning I could enter patient rooms and could technically qualify to be a Tech. I also am a certified Cardiac Monitor Technician, meaning I can sit and watch people’s rythyms all night and call the nurse to alert of any significant changes. In addition to this I also act as a Patient Observer/Sitter (mostly in the Emergency Rooms, both Adult and Pediatric) for psychiatric patients. You would think this would be a pretty boring job, but I’ve seen some stuff haha. Anyway, this is just a post for me to look back on. I have already orderd my nursing scrubs and have recieved my welcome to the team email…I can’t believe it!

Thanks for reading,


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