Hello all! Welcome back to another blog post. I have officially completed my first week of new graduate nurse “residency”. If anyone does not know, I accepted an Adult ER Nurse Resident position with my local Level 1 Trauma Center back in January. If you are curious as to what my week looked like, keep reading!


Monday was originally scheduled to be a full day of New Team Member Orientation. Since I am one of a few who already work in the system, I am not scheduled to attend. I took this day as a chill day to start a new gym program, finish some computer-based training, review some Spanish and chill a bit.

TUESDAY (0830-1630)

First day in class! This was a pretty standard day with lots of speakers, presentations on policies, etc. It was not the most interesting day, just a lot of sitting. We also had a medication competency exam after lunch. One thing that is a bit interesting is that there were two cohorts present: ED and Critical Care. As far as I know, this is the only week we will “train” together.In total there were nineteen in Critical Care cohort and fifteen in the ED cohort.

WEDNESDAY (0830-1630)

Aside from more computer training and speakers (patient safety, minimal lift education, CAUTIs, CLASBIs, Falls, VTE, Wounds, SSIs, Alarms…) We also practiced blood administration skills. We also had the chance to get our hands on the IVs and urinalysis sample kits. We also went through the policies and procedures for IV starts, Ketamine administration, blood administration, drawing labs, central lines, the list goes on. This was a nice refresher for me since I worked in the system as an extern.

THURSDAY (0830-1630)

Skills practice day! We also had presentations on codes versus rapids, infection prevention, informed consent and communication. Afterwards, we completed skills checkoffs on restraints, hand hygiene, PPE donning/doffing, MedSled use, patient transport equipment, etc.

FRIDAY (0830-1600)

**No patient information shown here. This was a simulated situation.

Finally Friday… This day was pretty laid back in that we completed a competentcy exam, more online computer courses, signed paperwork (including our 2 year committment) and did cohort specific EPIC training. This was the first time we were completely seperated into ER and ICU classes. I enjoyed the refresh on EPIC, especially because in the ER we use EPIC ASAP not CLINDOC. I was more used to EPIC CLINDOC since I used to work as Unit Secretary. I also had a little bit of experience with EPIC ASAP from nurse externship. After that we were able to leave a bit early.

By the end of the week I was just so grateful for the experiences I was able to have. I don’t come from much so opportunity is not something I take for granted. Everything still feels like a dream. I have always known I would be a nurse, but never thought I would be an ER nurse. My dreams have taken a complete left turn and even though I am not “passionate” about Adult care I am blessed to be one of fifteen ER Nurse ‘Residents’. I am eager to learn and hopefully grow. I will admit, the imposter syndrome is settling in, but I am determined to fight.


2 thoughts on “MY FIRST WEEK OF NURSE RESIDENCY ┃New-Grad ER Nurse

  1. Loved your post and look forward to more. I just passed my NCLEX-PN last week. Currently working on my RN year of school. I always wondered what exactly a nurse residency program was so I look forward to more.

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