These ideas do not reflect the ideas of the nursing program I went to. Nor do they reflect the opinions of other nursing students. These are my opinions shared with the hopes of improving the program.

Hello all! Here is part two of me revealing my nursing school review I left on our exit survey. Find part one here then come back to keep reading!


“I also feel that the program did not use the INTROTONURSING course as an advantage. That course would be a perfect opportunity to introduce students to anthropology, standards of nursing care, ethical dilemma, legalities of nursing, malpractice insurance, cost of care, communicating with patients who need an interpreter, presentation techniques, APA format (!!!) etc. APA format was oftentimes graded inconsistently throughout the program, I believe the program needs to sit down and all agree on what they expect. This course should be interactive with discussions, speakers (nurses who have served with other cultures), foreign nurses, etc.”

“Of course some of these could be included in Leadership, but these are things I wish I knew more about. The course has a lot of potential if the program is able to modify the course. It would be a great intro to nursing to really help/give students a preview of what is to come. This course should also have a brief presentation on when and how to apply for nursing jobs when the time comes. I feel my cohort was not educated on this well enough.”

“The pediatrics course could also be improved. Upon completing this course, despite frequent studying and attempt to learn concepts I found I did not understand the care of the pediatric population well enough. I honestly learned more from 5 years of non-clinical pediatric experience and a 4 week pediatric externship. I was really looking forward to that class and it was disappointing that I feel I did not learn much despite achieving a decent grade.”

Stay tuned for the final part!


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