life updates.

Hello all! Welcome back, or should I tell myself welcome back… I know I have not posted anything in a while, but I have lot’s of content planned and just wanted to share a few updates. Keep reading if you are curious!


I took the TCRN for the second time and passed it! When I failed the first time I had barely failed and was very frustrated so I took a couple months off before studying and reattempting. I am so relieved to have this under my belt. My goal was to pass it before my birthday and I did!


Yep, I finally had COVID. I caught it while working in the Children’s Emergency Department. I am recovered now though and honestly did not have a bad experience at all. I was just ready to get back in the gym.


I recently turned twenty three years old. It feels very weird to say that. I did not do anything special for my birthday becuase I was just coming out of quarantine from having COVID for the first time. I had travel plans, but cancelled those once I tested positive.


Work has been the same. I am finding my flow on my PRN job and I have been working triage a lot more on the adult side, which I actually enjoy. Most nights we have a minimum of twenty five people in the lobby when we come in, so I feel like it is a puzzle piece. I am nervous as they have me training another new grad and that scares me becasue I feel like I am not a great teacher. My last experience was not that great. I still struggle with getting people to listen to me even though I am young. So if anyone has any preceptor tips please let me know!


I am finally on a set schedule now, so I get some consistency there with work-life balance. The way my schedule is set up, I end up with six days off at a time every other week. I am still full time on the adult side and PRN on pediatrics. I do have some things in the works to try to obtain a more flexible schedule.

Those are just some quick updates for you! I don’t have much going on, as I have been making some small moves in silence. I do plans for the blog as far as staying consistent and treating the blog as a source of income, so I am very excited about that. I plan on growing the blog and focusing on my niche. Stay tuned for that!


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