been busy.

Hello all! This is a update, no frills. I have been gone for the blog for a very long time. To make a long story short, I experienced a bit of burnout from precepting at work, in addition to many other events… So…Here is a quick list of the past few months.

  • I passsed the TCRN.
  • I decided to take a break from precepting new graduates this past round.
  • I accepted a new internal role on the unit.
  • I applied for and was accepted as a Trauma Nurse Leader on the unit.
  • I am now one of the co-chairs of my full-time job’s unit council.
  • I passed the CEN.
  • I took time to myself and solo traveled a bit.
  • I took a break fro working my PRN job in the pediatric Emergency Room, but I’m back now.
  • I will be returning to precepting this week.

I have really struggled with blogging consistently, but my life has calmed down a bit and I feel inspired to share as much educational/nurse lifestyle content as possible. I also plan on setting realistic blog post expectations for myself, because I have a lot on my plate.



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