Thoughtful Thursday: Feeling Unaccomplished

Today is Thursday, so I’ve decided on doing this little thoughtful post. I plan on keeping these fairly “raw”. So here we go…


As those of you who read my posts may know, I began day one of my internship/summer program Monday. I am not the only student participating, but am in a group of about thirty students most of who are completing their pre-med education (a few want to become PA’s, NP’s or BSN’s). I haven’t seen these people in two years since our first summer session, so it was pretty neat to get all caught up with people and hear where everyone is at.

Honestly, after hearing how great everyone was doing and how much they loved their schools and how many awesome opportunities they had, I felt bummed. I feel like Monday made me feel a bit under-accomplished, and definitely confirmed how much I don’t like my school. Mind you my school’s nursing program is one of the best in the state, but I am struggling to find what I love during pre-reqs. During my freshman year, I found that I did not like my campuses “vibe” (I hate to use that word), but everyone (the student body) on campus had no sense of urgency or ambition. I feel as if my school may be too “chill”, as I am more of a get-up-and-go type person. I know I can’t rush nursing school, but I feel as if I will enjoy my school much more, once I am a nursing student.

I am not one to compare myself to others I am truly someone who will be genuinely happy for someone even if I’m struggling to maintain my confidence as an aspiring professional. I just wanted to share this moment because I promised to share not just the good but also the bad. I hope to find something positive about this internship as this may be my last session, since I am a nursing major and nothing is really relevant to me. I am honestly feeling quite pessimistic about these next four weeks. Normally I would feel super inspired, but for some odd reason I could care less…

That’s how I’m feeling… Feel free to leave a comment if you relate.

Thanks for reading,



6 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday: Feeling Unaccomplished

  1. I like the honesty of this, there are days I feel defeated or under accomplished too. I think it may just be part of the process. Wish you the best of luck !


    1. I agree! It’s not trying to feel superior to others, its simply sometimes a different mindset! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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