Moving Into My New Planner for the 2017-2018 School Year

Hello! With the fall semester coming up, and finishing my old planner up, I decided to share how I have been moving into my new planner.



I had been looking at the Happy Planner for a while, but was hesitant to get a bigger size so the mini is perfect for now. I ended up purchasing the A Well Crafted Life undated mini Happy Planner, from Michael’s. It only costed me about $11.00 (with my 60% off coupon).

Tip: Never purchase anything from Michaels without checking for a coupon. They always have a 40% off coupon each week. Combine a good coupon with a sale and you are golden!

I placed foam Recollections alphabet stickers, for a polished look to my name.

I was hesitant on purchasing an undated planner, but I went ahead and set it up with the month stickers that came with the planner,and a sheet of number stickers purchased from Etsy.

I decided to start this planner off in July, since my old planner ended June 2017. After setting up each monthly spread, I penned in dates for the fall semester from my school’s website. Once our bill payment dates are out, I will label those on the monthly spreads as well.

Can you spot the printing error in this spread?

This is pretty much how I set up my new planner. It is nothing extremely complicated, I simply write in any important dates/school breaks. I will be sharing my monthly/weekly spreads and more planning tips as time goes on.

Thanks for reading!




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