What Courses I Am Taking Sophomore Year (Fall 2017): Nursing Major Edition

I created my schedule for my sophomore year back in April. I decided to provide you all with a list of courses I plan on taking, and my thoughts/details prior to taking the class. I am providing my thoughts, in order to use this blog post as a means of reflection once the semester is over. If you would like my specific weekly schedule, I can always post another blog post once the semester begins.

FALL 2017 (13 credit hours total)

Chemistry of Living Things (3)

I am very nervous for this course, especially since my professor is is new to my school. This means I have no idea what he is like. Mind you both my chemistry lecture and lab professors were TBA…

Chemistry of Living Things – Lab (0)

I am dreading lab for chemistry, particularly because my lab instructor barely speaks English and has an extremely thick accent (from what I’ve heard and read on RateMyProfessor). I am also a little unsure of how lab for a chemistry class will be; my last chemistry class was during high school. 

Pathophysiology (3)

My school changed the pre-req requirements and now thanks to the recommendation of our Upper Division nursing students, us Lower Divisions are required to take Patho during our sophomore year. I am extremely nervous because this will technically be my first nursing school course. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Introduction to Spanish for Healthcare Professionals II (3)

I am extremely excited for this course, because I hope to learn as much as I can. I am also quite saddened because this will be my last Spanish class ever.

Public Speaking – Lecture (2)

This is just one of those required courses no matter your major. As far as I know the lecture portion is simply learning about interview types, techniques, etc.

Public Speaking – Recitation (1)

Recitation is basically a lab for public speaking class. This class meets twice a week and consists of group presentations and some individual presentations as well. I am nervous for this course as well because public speaking makes me uncomfortable, but I’m sure I’ll get through it.

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