August Monthly Spread

Hello all! Unfortunately, I have no Thoughtful Thursday post, but today I will be sharing my August monthly spread in my mini Happy Planner.  I went ahead and pre-planned for the month, because I doubt it will change at all. I also decided to go ahead and share it with you all because my bill was posted, which means back to college season is officially on. 😞 Let’s begin!


Here is a general overview of my spread. As you can see, I tend to stick to a simple style when it comes to decorating spreads. I tend to focus on the functionality rather than decor.

As you can also there was a printing error in my planner; however, I contacted the company and they were very gracious and sent me a replacement divider, sadly I was not able to salvage my date stickers, so I had to stick with this divider.

Aside from that, on the left side of my spread I have a Notes header, which is actually a clear stamp. To mark each “note” for the month, I used the foiled stickers that came with the planner. I also used the August foiled sticker that came with the planner to label this month.

FullSizeRender (6)

Moving on to the right-side of this spread, I have marked Tax Free Weekend with a thin strip of washi. I also clear stamped my birthday date, not because I actually care about my birthday, but just to add some to the spread.

I also went ahead and wrote out my course schedule from the first day of classes to the end of the month. I typically do this for the first month of school because it allows me to color code my courses. I also use a green dot sticker to mark whenever bill payments/scholarship essays are due.

FullSizeRender (7)

That’s all I have for you all today! I really enjoyed sharing my monthly spread with you all. I plan on sharing each month with you all from now on.

Supplies used:

  • ‘A Well Crafted Life’ undated, horizontal mini Happy Planner
  • Pilot G-2 Ultra Fine (0.38mm) Pen
  • Sharpie Ultra Fine Markers
  • ‘Notes’ Clear Stamps – Michaels
  • Birthday Clear Stamp – Dollar Tree
  • Thin Washi Tape – Dollar Tree
  • Monthly Calendar Stickers – Etsy {}

 Note: This post is not sponsored.


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