Thoughtful Thursday: Feeling A Bit Overwhelmed

Hello! I finally have another Thoughtful Thursday!


This summer, I have been studying for the ATI Teas VI exam. As the month of August looms over me I am faced with some challenges.

  1. School is once again approaching.
  2. I plan on taking the TEAS VI in August.

Ok! Ok! Yes school is approaching get over it, but I am slightly nervous about my course load this semester. I am also nervous because this is the semester in which I apply to my university’s nursing program.

I am not so much as scared to apply. I am scared of getting accepted. As far as I know, nursing school is a beast and I feel unsure of myself, despite this being my dream. Nursing school is nothing like pre-reqs and I have often heard that people who do well in pre-reqs often do poorly in nursing school. I hear people complain about nursing school, and watch nursing students around campus and they look terrible. I sometimes wonder if I can handle it…

Aside from my course load and applying to nursing school, I am feeling overwhelmed about the TEAS 6. I see a lot of people tell how they passed with amazing scores, but I am not expecting that out of myself. Despite the fact that I have been studying for about 3 months, I feel intimidated. I am not the best test taker in the world and I am hoping to score a solid score on my first try. I know taking the TEAS further into my semester will become difficult in addition to my course load.

That is how I’ve been feeling lately…

What are your plans for the upcoming school year?


8 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday: Feeling A Bit Overwhelmed

  1. Nursing school is hard but it’s doable. If you’ve done well in your prereqs you can do the classes. You may have to change how you study a little bit but the end is so worth it. As I get closer, I am so amazed at how scary it was a year ago and now I’m almost done. You got this! Good luck with your TEAS!

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  2. Best of luck on this upcoming school year for you!! I’m sure that everything will go beautifully. ❤ This fall, I start my senior year, and it will be my last year of homeschooling! I already know what subjects I'll be studying, and I'm honestly looking forward to them, which is awesome 😄

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