Thoughtful Thursday: First Week Jitters

Hello all! If some of you have been reading my blog you would know that I began my sophomore year of classes last week. This week has been my first full week of classes. Honestly, I feel a mixture of emotions. Most of the times I feel overwhelmed, because I still have to get into my flow of managing my course load this year. You can see what courses I am taking this semester here and here.


Beginning classes has been solid so far, of course I am already drowning in work for Patho. My patho course is a hybrid course, meaning we only meet whenever we “need” to; however, my professor likes seeing us face-to-face, which I like. I don’t really know how to feel about my Patho professor, she is a DNP and runs a practice (very impressive), and she seems really nice. She even integrates a little bit of Health Assessment into outr lectures (and we are all pre-nursing)! My only problem is that she laughs to much and it makes me nervous. I really would like to do well in this class because it is an actual nursing school course. So far I am doing my best to keep on a schedule, my hope is to learn the content.

It was very odd to sit in my 8:00 a.m. Patho class on the first day and just look around the classroom. Glancing around I thought to myself “I am competing with these people and then some to get into the nursing program.” This rattled me a bit, because I saw so many girls in there who are extremely smart, have 4.0’s (I go to a small school and people tend to rattle of their credentials) and are CNAs and I honestly felt inadequate. I do know that you don’t need to become a CNA to be a good nurse/do well in nursing school.

I am not one who worries about others and I am not a very competitive person. I automatically always feel inferior to others. I will just have to keep reminding myself that others have passed Patho before, so I can do it too.

During the first couple of class days, I kept getting asked if I was a freshman 🙄. This gets annoying even though this is the story of my life. I am short, with a baby-face, and not a very nice figure, and I feel as if people do not tend to take me serious. Anyone who is short with a baby-face as well, knows this can hurt your self-esteem a bit.

Overall, this first week has been a bit chaotic, because I am trying to get adjusted to a new schedule. It has also been a bit overwhelming, because I have a load of information to learn between chemistry, patho and medical Spanish (not to mention speech). I will continue to give updates and my thoughts for Thoughtful Thursdays.

How was your first week of classes?

Thanks for reading!



12 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday: First Week Jitters

  1. I thought this was interesting too! I’m also a pre-nursing student and so very thankful that it is NOT one of our pre-requisites. Good luck with your studies!

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      1. Ah, I see! Study hard for your chemistry courses and do tons of practice problems and seek help if you have any doubts. You may have Patho in the nursing program!

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  2. That is interesting your school requires patho as a requirement into the nursing program. I just started patho this week and honestly it is a bit overwhelming but I’m making some quizlet study cards based off of each weeks information and that seems to help. Not only to review the material but having an easy way to test myself on the information.

    My instructor emphasized we are all on the same highway to become a nurse. For some people patho might come really easy to them and others will take the slow lane. Regardless we’ll all get there! Best of luck this semester!

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    1. It is pretty interesting. I was told that the last nursing school class recommended it and my school hopped onto the idea, so we could have that “baseline knowledge”.

      Your instructor is definitely right. We will get through it! Best of luck to you as well for this semester! Thanks for reading!

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  3. Don’t you worry about those people who rattle off their credentials it means nothing. Don’t pay it any mind. As for patho you have to make sure you’re studying the material after class . It was one of my hardest class but just make sure you’re trying to understand the material on class and after. You got this!

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  4. Oh my goodness, last year when I was a sophomore in college, I kept getting asked if I was a freshman as well! It’s so irritating. It is very easy to compare yourself in classes, especially on the first day, but really take it one day at a time. When you think those thoughts, just remember back when you were a freshman, and reflect on how far you’ve come. It always helps me. You’ve written a lovely post though!

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