3 Ways to Save Money in College

Hello all! Today I will be sharing my top three tips for saving money in college. These are methods I actually use. I hope these will be helpful not only to my college student readers, but anyone student reading. Let’s begin!

Note: This post is in no way sponsored. Any links provided are resources that may be helpful for you. I am not receiving any benefits, nor am I working with any companies.

1. Student discounts

These may seem really pointless; however, it never hurts to save a dollar or two in college. I make sure to utilize my student ID if I know that place has a student discount. If you do not know you can simply look it up (Google) or ask. Always keep your college student ID on you. You never know when you can save on clothes, food, services, etc.

2.  Coupons

Utilize coupons, coupon codes and keep an eye out for store discounts. For instance whenever ordering pizza or other food online try to order something with a rewards program (e.g. Papa Johns). Sometimes your receipt may also want you to fill out a survey for a free sandwich, etc. DO THEM! Also search up coupon codes for the month (this applies to food and clothing websites). I also keep an eye out for good sales in case I need something.

Some Useful Apps/Websites: Groupon, RetailMeNot, Flipp

**Quick Tip: For those who have to cook for themselves try meal prepping if you haven’t. This saves you money and time. Always eat whatever fresh produce/veggies are in season. They tend to be cheaper in season, and use your grocery store rewards card. Make sure your rewards card isn’t a credit card program first. 🙂 

3. Save.

This may seem pretty obvious, but not everyone realizes this. Many college students work to either makes ends meet or have money for themselves. If this is your case and if you can, try to save a percentage of each check or set of money you get. Simply set it aside in a savings account and leave it as it is. I have been doing this anytime someone gives me money, when I was paid for my internship and when I receive my monthly deposits.


Thanks for reading! How do/did you save money in college?



Want to save more? Check out how I saved money on textbooks here.


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