Thoughtful Thursday: Busy…

Hello all! Welcome back to another Thoughtful Thursday. This week has been crazy! My planner is jam-packed. I will be sharing my planner spread from this week on Monday. It seems that you all really like seeing my planner spreads. I will try to incorporate my planner spreads every couple of weeks.


I do not have much to say for this week, aside from one word: work. The semester definitely started revving up this week. I presented a speech yesterday for Speech Recitation. It was a personal speech , so we basically just spoke about ourselves, why we chose our major, etc. I tried to do my best, pull on my public speaking skills and push my introvert aside for 4 minutes. We will see what my professor gives me.

Now, about my biggest course this semester: Pathophysiology. We have a test in two weeks (8 chapters/3 units of content), therefore I began studying Monday. This may seem a bit drastic, but I want to give myself enough time to formulate questions, and at least a little confidence with the content. I really hope it all pays off.

For Patho, I make sure I have read all the readings before lecture (if we have lecture that week) and take notes. I make sure to learn the definitions and general idea of what is happening. I take notes in lecture and review them afterwards and make concept maps. I am still intimidated by Patho, but was very happy to know that I got a SATA question on pain assessment correct. I already hate SATA questions. 🙄

As a whole, this week has just been jam-packed. I feel like I am still struggling to get into the back to school groove and that scares me, because it has been two weeks. However, I think I am slowly getting back into the groove. That three months and a half summer has ruined me.

How have you been adjusting?

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