Thoughtful Thursday: Steady Decline…

Welcome back to another Thoughtful Thursday, where I am very transparent with those of who you read my posts. Let’s begin…


This semester has not been as smooth as my freshman year. I was definitely off to a bumpy start from the beginning of the semester. Despite having a planner, I feel extremely disorganized and mentally disheveled. For instance, last week my Patho professor sent us an announcement on Blackboard changing a couple quiz due dates. I wrote the quiz date wrong in my planner and missed the quiz. I got a zero for it. This really sucked because I have never missed an assignment in my entire academic career and I also had a bare A in that class. I also felt horrible because I had felt very good after my first exam.

I do not blame this on anyone but myself; it makes me wonder if I can’t even write a date right, how will I manage nursing school? My mind just did not interpret that announcement very well. I am extremely embarrassed and it looks as if I am not taking the class seriously.

I was chatting with a fellow nursing major (who is also pre-nursing), who I knew from a high school club and that individual made a statement “Its only going to get worse from here”. Even though that sounds terrifying, I feel like I have to agree. I have never felt so overwhelmed before. I am not sure if its juggling two science courses, a lab, alongside with speech and part two of a foreign language class… That statement really resonated with me because I feel like I’m on a steady decline and I am praying I don’t crash and burn in nursing school. I had my first chemistry exam last week  and I did not do as well as I wanted to. I got a 79 which is a point off of a B, not terrible, but I could have done better if I did not second guess myself. Luckily there are two more exams to hopefully get my class average up again.

This is very scary especially since I am on academic scholarships and becoming a nurse is literally the only thing I want and have ever wanted. I am trying to pull myself out of this rut. I feel like I am grasping at straws and trying to stay afloat. I can only hope I am not going through burnout, ti is too early for this. I only hope I can get right, because I need to get accepted into my school’s nursing program. I can’t fail…

On a more positive note, I managed to score a A- on my first Patho exam! I was so excited especially when my professor emailed me to say that I did well. I did make some pretty dumb mistakes though. I still went office hours to review my exam, because I want to know what I missed. I always review my exams no matter how well I did; I need to know this information for the rest of my career. One test down 3 more to go…I am already exhausted.

Quick question for anyone who is in nursing school: Is there really a steady decline? Will things only get worse from here?

5 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday: Steady Decline…

  1. I wasn’t a nursing student, but after a long summer, it might take a few weeks for high achievement mode to kick in. Just keep with it and forget about the worry. Fears are normal, but they can get in the way of your goals if you let them. Best of luck!

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  2. I feel your post so much at a month into nursing school, and to answer your question.. yes. My program tells us to just aim for a 75 (passing) and not higher unless we need a higher grade on one exam to balance out another exam. Nursing school, although you’re doing everything possible to try to make an A, seems very bare minimal when you’re getting exam grades back! They’re tough to make high grades on. Keep your head afloat because that is what counts in the end. Never discourage yourself, just keep on swimming because you always get through those ruts where you feel like your full potential isn’t being reached. I hope you are accepted and are successful in your dreams of being a nurse! 🙂

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