5 Things You Need for Dorm Life

Hello! I am back in school, I decided to list out five necessities for dorm life. These are based on my experience, so these are what I need to survive dorm life.

Note: This post is in no way sponsored. Any links provided are resources that may be helpful for you. I am not receiving any benefits, nor am I working with any companies.


1. Fan

Even if you have AC and can cool control you temperature, a dorm building is extremely unpredictable. The air condition can give out or it could simply not be enough, especially when you are in the South like me!

The fan I have, is amazing! I purchased it from Target out of pure necessity. It was a little on the higher end, but it was worth every penny. I used this a lot especially to keep myself and my room cool. The fact that it has 8 settings and a remote (Need I say more?), is simply convenient.

download (2)

Honeywell QuietSet 8-Speed Tower Fan Oscillating

2. Mattress Topper/Protector

This is a must, period. The mattress provided by your school will not be comfortable. Sleep is important and you want the sleep you get to be quality. I purchased a 1 1/2′ mattress topper from Walmart, but I’m sure you can find one everywhere. I purchased mine in a Twin size, even though my dorm bed is a Twin XL. I did so, because I am only 5’1 and I can’t even fit the entire bed. This saved me a little money, but if you are tall I suggest purchasing the exact size!

3. Mini Refrigerator

This is fairly self explanatory. Although, my school provides each suite with a mini-fridge to share, I still bought my own. I was blessed enough to receive this mini fridge as a graduation gift and I am still so grateful for it.

Why bring your own? Well, food gets stolen in college and it is very nice to have your own spot for your food. I travel home for the weekends and meal prep a little for the week, so it is really nice to have my own fridge to fit all my meals in. You can always find ones that are under $50.00, just do your research!

4. Water Bottle

This is a college essential, period. Hydration is very important to keep our bodies functioning. It is also cheaper to have a reusable water bottle, instead of constantly supporting the water bottle industry. I always have my CamelBak for the long walks to class, study sessions, gym sessions, pretty much everything. I would definitely recommend you invest in a water bottle.

download (1)

CamelBak Chute

5. Brita Water Filter Pitcher

This goes hand-in-hand with having a water bottle. I love my Brita! I purchased this last year at Walmart for about $7.00. I feel a lot safer drinking “cleaner-tasting” water from my Brita. Where my university is the water is very hard, so this gives me a little peace of mind.


Brita Space Saver Water Filter Pitcher

Thanks for reading! What are your dorm room necessities and why? Share it in the comments!

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