Dorm Room Tour: 2017

Hello all! Today I will be sharing a tour of my sophomore year dorm room. I have a single room that is suite style. Suite style means that there are three other single rooms in our suite and I simply share a living area, double sink, shower room and toilet room with three other girls. Without further ado, let’s begin!



When you walk a few steps in, this is what my room looks like on first glance. I got a bit lucky this year and managed to score a single that was a bit more spacious than my freshman year single.


Left Turn

This side of my room contains my fridge, wardrobe and desk. My room came set up like this and I left it this way, because it gave me a lot more empty space.


Right Turn

If you turn to the right of my room at the door, this is what you see. There is obviously nothing interesting on this side of the room. There is my plastic container on wheels with my drying dishes on top. You can also see my dry erase board hanging up (because this picture is most recent).


My Bed

Here is a simple photo of a portion of my bed. As you may have noticed, I have kept everything the same since my freshman year and only repurchased these sheets. If found the sheets at TJMaxx. My little tassel decoration was a DIY that cost about $5.00 to make.

That is all I have for you all today! This was a simple post, but I wanted to share how my room is, because I love looking at dorm/room tours.

If you have posted a room tour of any sorts let me know in the comments!


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