Today, I would like to discuss the ATI TEAS 6 exam, one of the few nursing school entrance exams that exist. Most nursing schools require applicants to take an entrance exam of some sort in order for their application to be complete. I won’t go into details on the exam itself for this post, just exactly how I studied for the exam. I hope this can be a resource for any pre-nursing students/ nursing school applicants.

Note: This post is in no way sponsored. The links provided are just resources I found that may be helpful for you. I am not receiving any benefits, nor am I working with any companies.

I began studying for the TEAS 6 the summer after my second semester of freshman year. I started in May and finished everything in about late July, early August. This may seem a bit drastic, but I wanted to make sure I had enough time to really study thoroughly. I studied the topics in this order: Reading, English Language and Usage, Science, and Mathematics. I have been working on and adding to this post for the entire summer, so I hope it can be a good resource if I ever have pre-nursing followers.

I only used the ATI TEAS Study Manual–6th edition (gray cover), as well as other materials which I will list/link under each section. I also used two apps on my phone the first on the left is completely free and the next offers in app purchases; however, I simply used the free trial. They are wonderful and full of plenty of practice questions in addition to the links I will provide. I also watched a ton of Teas VI experience YouTube videos.



Studying for reading was not as dense as other sections, so I read about two sections in the study manual per day. This included taking any notes in a notebook, and completing the practice questions at the end of each section. I always made sure to review what I had learned the day before. Once I had completed reading and studying the entire reading section of the study manual, I completed practice questions/tests (linked above), then the ‘Reading Section Quiz‘.

When completing the reading section quiz, I made sure to time myself and replicate a testing situation as much as I could (quiet setting, #2 pencils, etc). Afterwards, I would check my answers, mark incorrect ones and really figure out why I missed what I missed. This would give me a real good idea of what to review again before moving on to the next subject.



From what I have seen and read, this is one of the hardest sections, because it is mostly grammar. As with Reading, I completed about two sections per day and took notes in my notebook. After completing a section, I would watch the relevant video on Mometrix’s website (linked above), and google some practice if needed. I would take and review the ‘English Section Quiz‘ like the reading; however, I did alter the time a little and only allowed myself 24 minutes for 24 questions.



Studying for this section has been pretty nerve-wrecking. This is the largest portion of the exam (which makes sense). I began by studying each body system first. I read the manual carefully, took notes and then referred to any past anatomy notes on topics the manual mentioned I need to know, but did not explain. I also threw in anything I remembered from A&P that I believe I should know in general. I did a lot of active studying: drawing images, utilizing dry erase boards and repetition.

The second portion of the science section, was a throwback to high school chemistry and basic biology (e.g. Punnet Squares). I simply took notes on each section and made sure to know any vocabulary and practiced Punnet Squares (monohybrid & dihybrid), balancing chemical equations, etc on my whiteboard.



My study method for the mathematics portion was fairly straightforward. I simply did about 2-3 sections from the ATI manual per day, depending on how I felt. I would never push myself further than I could go. After taking notes and working out the practice problems, I would check my answers and mark any errors in red. I would also search up additional practice problems on Khan Academy or do a quick Google search for some worksheets with answers at the end. I did so many practice problems I felt sick. Practice makes perfect-ish… 😉

After studying every section, I went back to different sections and just kept reviewing, completing practice test questions and finding as many ATI TEAS experience videos as possible.

Thanks for reading,



2 thoughts on “HOW TO PASS THE ATI TEAS VI

  1. This was a really good post! I decided to pursue nursing after shadowing a nurse for EMT class, I’ve been doing research on the steps I need to take like crazy. I plan to start studying after I receive my EMT certification in July.

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    1. Thank you! Now that I reflect on the TEAS, it was not that bad! You will be fine. Best wishes for your EMT certification!


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