What Courses I Am Taking Sophomore Year (Spring 2017): Nursing Major Edition

Hello! Well guys, winter break is nearing an end, which means next week marks the first week of my 4th semester of college, which is also my last semester of nursing school pre-requisites. It is so crazy to think that in a months time I will receive an application decision letter from my university’s nursing school. Anyways, let us begin!


SPRING 2017 (13 credit hours total)

  • Principles of Microbiology Lecture (4 credit hours)

I think Micro will be fun. I am expecting a lot of information from this course, because I can see how it applies to nursing.

  • Principles of Microbiology Lab (0 credit hours)

I am very nervous about lab, because I heard it is challenging (especially the final). I also feel excited because I remember back in high school in my last Health Magnet class, we grew strains of e. Coli and it was so much fun. I really think I will enjoy lab especially since I am a hands-on learner.

  • Developmental Psychology (3 credit hours)

I am terrified for this course. You would think this course would be fairly easy to complete, but the professor I ended up with was the only one open and she is terrible. She is known for being incredibly difficult and tedious. Needless to say I will be studying a lot for this class and will have to make sure to not slack.

  • Elementary Statistics (3 credit hours)

My second and final math prerequisite! If you are an original follower you will remember the first was College Algebra you can read my advice post on that here. Apparently my professor is a really nice man and does not try to over complicate the course. I am not a math person, but I aim to do well and learn in this class.

  • Nutrition Online (3 credit hours)

I really don’t have many thoughts on this course. I am just grateful it is online, because it freed up my schedule so much. I hear many of my peers say nutrition is just busy-work, but I am interested in the content. I have always been interested in nutrition and now that I rely on meal prep a lot, I am interested to know how to fuel my body correctly.

Overall, I am nervous which is normal. I also cannot believe this is my last semester of prerequisites!

If you are in school, what courses are you taking this semester? Thanks for reading!

14 thoughts on “What Courses I Am Taking Sophomore Year (Spring 2017): Nursing Major Edition

  1. I also took nutrition online and was thankful for the openness in my schedule. I ended up taking it twice because another school that I applied to required a higher level of nutrition. However in both classes I had to do a food diary and plug in my information to find out the avg nutrients I consume. It was very insightful! I also am not a math person but found stats to be wayyyyyy better than algebra! Best of luck to you this semester! I will be taking psychiatric nursing (with a clinical), medsurg 2 (with lab and clinical), evidence based research (online), and pharmacology 2!

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    1. Yes, I will be enjoying my schedule! I am actually looking forward to nutrition! Thank you and best wishes to you too. I would love to hear your advice for pharmacology!


      1. My instructor has us make “drug cards” so we put all relevant info onto either a notecard or powerpoint slide for each drug and study from those. I also found a lot of helpful practice questions on quizlet since a lot of our exams were more application based.

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  2. I’m abysmal at maths but I actually don’t mind stats! As a Master’s student in (conservation) biology, I’m taking rewilding ecosystems, conservation, and field course prep class for a trip in April! I know it doesn’t sound like much, but in the UK, especially in a Master’s course, you’re expected to do A LOT out of the classroom.

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  3. Developmental Psychology was one of my favorite classes! My professor for my two psych’s was amazing, and he made the class the most fun it could be! Good luck with microbiology, too. I started medical microbiology a year ago and I must say, it was the hardest class I had taken so far. Ton’s of studying required, but you can pull out a great grade if you put the work in! I hope you make it into the nursing program. It’s a tough adventure but a great one!

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    1. I am actually looking forward to the content in Developmental even though the professor is tough. I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about Micro, but I can tell it will take a lot of studying. Thanks for reading!


    1. Congratulations on finishing pre-reqs. I just got my syllabus for Micro lab and I can already tell I will be studying a lot for this class! Thanks for reading!

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