My Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2017

Hello all and Happy New Year! To celebrate the New Year, I will be sharing my most viewed blog posts of 2017. I would like to thank everyone who has supported my blog from the start, I started this blog in May and I love writing posts!


1. August 13-20 Weekly Spread (link here)

I love posting about my planner, especially planner spreads. This post had more views than all of my other posts, which surprised me. I plan on sharing my planner spreads/methods more since it seems like people really like these type of posts too!

2. Thoughtful Thursday: Feeling Unmotivated With My Spanish/ Me siento desmotivada con mi español

This was my very first bilingual post. I am not a native Spanish speaker, so I was pretty nervous to post this, but I thought it would be something different. I was blown away with the response. This post really encouraged me and I do have a lot of Spanish blog post ideas. (link here)

3. Thoughtful Thursday: First Week Jitters (link here) & Thoughtful Thursday: Feeling A Bit Overwhelmed (link here)

This last once was a tie, because these two posts had the same amount of views. Both of these were pretty much week reflections I decided to share. People really seem to love my Thoughtful Thursday posts, so keep an eye out!

What were your most viewed blog posts during 2017? Link them below so I can read them!

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