How to Color Code Your Notes

Hello all! Today I will be sharing my techniques for color-coding my class notes. Having organized notes is very important and can actually help keep you motivated!


Use different highlighter colors for different information.

I love this tip and began using it back when I was taking Anatomy and Physiology I. Here is how I highlights my notes:

  • Yellow=definitions
  • Pink=anything the professor really emphasizes/repeats
  • Orange=important numbers/lab values

Match textbook tab and binder divider colors.

I began using this technique just recently in my Pathophysiology class. If the binder divider I labeled for Unit 1 was red, I will then use red tabs to mark off the chapters in Unit 1 in the textbook.

Color code your index cards.

I originally found this idea on Pinterest under a nursing school board. I decide to start using this and it actually helped when you have a lot of index cards to sort through. I would swipe the top of my cards and then hole punch the corners and place them on an index card ring to bring around with me.

How do you color code your notes?

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