Nursing School Admission Decision

Hello all! Today I will be sharing with you all my nursing school admission decision! If you all remember, I applied to nursing school back in October. Well this is just a quick blog post to share my admission decision!

nursing-school-acceptance decision

As of February 7, 2018 I was tentatively accepted to my university’s nursing program. This tentative acceptance is based on the hope that I pass my courses this semester and complete all of my clinical requirements. Everyone who was accepted received a tentative acceptance. I am honestly still in a little bit of shock, because I feel like it is taking me a little while to process. When I listen in classes to all of my fellow peers who have received a tentative acceptance, they are all excited and bubbly and jumping around. This is mainly due to my personality, I am not a bubbly person, who jumps around and things like that. 🤣 When I think of nursing school I feel scared. I feel afraid because I have heard so many things about how my nursing program is misleading; the first semester is “easy” and then it gets crazy from then on. I am also unsure of myself. Am I smart enough to do this?

We had a information session a week after decision emails went out, and the meeting was pretty straightforward. The meeting was basically for everyone who applied, including those who were accepted, wait-listed and denied/round two. The lady who spoke to us talked about clearance requirements, immunizations, CPR training, etc. I will admit I was expecting the cost of supplies to me over $1,000, but when I saw it on the screen broken down my heart skipped a beat. ATI makes everything so expensive (that is another thing I am worried about ATI).

However, at this point I am trying to enjoy this last semester of pre-reqs. Ever since my tentative acceptance, I have felt a little “down”. I am not sure why, but I have been feeling extremely unmotivated and exhausted. I have put the blog on the back burner as I have gotten adjusted to volunteering, working and school. My hope is that I can get back on a regular schedule soon. I have so many drafts to share, but not pictures (which is a problem). 🤣

Thanks for reading! How has your semester been so far?


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