What to do Between Classes

Hello all! Today, I will be providing you all with some ideas of what to do between classes. Sometimes in college you may have a two or even four hour gap between classes. This may sound crazy, but there are so many ways to use this time!


  • Nap!

You can never go wrong with a nap. If you are a commuter you can always take a nap, relax in you car or find a quiet spot on campus. If you live on campus like I do and if your campus is small enough or if your gap is large enough, you can always head back to your room to relax. I live on a small campus, so I like to eat lunch in my room. If not you can find a quiet spot on campus too!

  • Homework

Whether you are back in your room or anywhere else on campus, doing your homework, is the most efficient way to utilize your time. Another good option is to run through flashcards/previous lecture notes.

  • Check email/Blackboard.

This is always a good thing to do, because sometimes classes are cancelled last minute or the professor may upload or email out a presentation that you need for class. Time between classes is also great to send out any important emails and make phone calls.

These are my ideas on what to do between classes. How do you spend you time between large gaps?

6 thoughts on “What to do Between Classes

      1. I also rarely napped – I’m not a mapper. In that case, I did set the alarm. But in my sleep, for some reason, I just thought I didn’t have class so didn’t need to get up right away. I was very tired… oh college… 😊

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  1. Loved this post! I would usually go to the library to do some homework or the cafeteria to get a quick bite! I would also go to my favorite coffee shop that was very close to my campus (outside) get me some coffee and a yummy snack and did homework there! I miss those days haha. 😊

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