Finals are Over!

Hello all! Welcome back to another Thoughtful Thursday! It has been a long time, since I have sat down and typed out a “reflections” post.


Well, just like that the spring semester is over.  Finals are over which for me means pre-reqs are over! I’ve moved back home and settled back in. To be honest, I’m tired, as most college students probably are now too. Something that college students don’t talk about is how exhausted you may be after exams (well I am, I don’t know about everyone). After finals, I always feel that my immune system is a little down to say the least. If you all do not know what courses I was taking you can check it out here. Developmental Psychology and Micro were my heaviest courses.

There was a lot of content for these courses as well as processes/theories to know. At the beginning of the course I was overthinking everything and that really set me back; however, after visiting office hours and speaking with my professor I was able to calm down and figure it out. Luckily, my professor and I had similar learning styles, so I was able to get some great advice not just for psychology, but for other classes as well. Microbiology was very fun! I have to admit the lab portion for this course was my absolute favorite lab out of all of my pre-req science courses.

This semester seemed like my hardest semester, but I ended up doing pretty well. I am very grateful for this because I was going through a lot this semester. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to getting a bit of a break this semester before I start the nursing program. I am extremely nervous and honestly terrified, because everyone who I speak to always tells me good luck (but not in a reassuring way). I am trying my best to not self-doubt.

How did your finals go? Do you have exams coming up?


5 thoughts on “Finals are Over!

  1. I agree. Although Micro was super tough, it was fun and actually interesting at the same time! I definitely feel your jitters! I start Nursing school in the Fall as well. Don’t you just love when everyone just laughs and says, “GOOD LUCK,” all knowing how intense it is?? Anyway, best of luck to you!

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    1. Yes! The best part of Micro was lab! Best wishes to you too! Gotta love that classic comment from people… Congratulations on your acceptance!

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