What I Did For Thanksgiving (Nursing Student Edition)

Hey y’all! I’m letting my Southern come out with the y’all… I decided to share my full Thanksgiving Day nursing student edition. This is real life as a nursing student people! First of all, I want to say Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate), if not I hope you had a restful day. Let us begin!

Thanksgiving As a Nursing Student (1)

7:15 a.m.


I woke up very early because I still had my school alarms on. I also thought it was Saturday and I had to go to work…I woke up and immediately read three ATI chapters for Fundamentals. I was running a little behind on my study schedule for Thanksgiving Break, but I had a decent study session the night before. I decided to use the ATI chapters to review.




10:00 a.m.

After reading my ATI chapters and doing the practice questions at the end of the chapters, I cleaned, straightened up and got ready for the day. Afterwards, I went back to completing school work. I managed to organize my notes and skim through my planner to figure out a plan of attack.

12:00 p.m


I ran off to the store to try to find pitted dates, because I was craving them. Unfortunately, they store was all out (duh, it was Thanksgiving), so I ended up settling for dried strawberries.  I then returned home and completed my last set of readings for Health Assessment about the Aging Adult. I can’t believe that was my LAST set of readings for that class.




3:00 p.m.

Still doing work (while taking small breaks of course)… I also ordered a couple of things online since there were so many sales going on.


5:00 p.m.


Thanksgiving Dinner! I ate with my family. The only photo I have is after we ate, because I did not want to bring my phone to the table. Afterwards, I went right back to doing schoolwork.





Rest of the day

The rest of the day was spent doing schoolwork. I have three exams the week after Thanksgiving (two on the same day), so I was grinding away. However, I still feel like I got a break, because I did not have to attend classes, clinical, etc. That is all I did for Thanksgiving guys! I know it was not very interesting, but this is real life and I want to share real life on this blog. Please keep in mind not every nursing student spends their Thanksgiving Break like this, this is just how I spent mine. Now that Thanksgiving Break is over, I have to really buckle down because I only have two weeks left of my first semester. That is crazy…


How did you spend your Thanksgiving?





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