Hello all! This is not going to be a very upbeat post, in fact it is going to be very open and honest. Nursing school, is not all sunshine and rainbows. Well for some it may be, but for me it definitely is not. Let us get to the point…

img_1749-1.jpgNursing school has destroyed my self confidence. I just had my third Pharmacology exam and did not do well at all according to my program’s scale (which is very tough). This is very odd, because I thoroughly enjoy Pharm and understand the content and apply it very well verbally. It is just something about the testing setting…  This exam dropped my exam average dramatically (luckily a two point curve helped me out). This frustrated me so much, because I did so well on the last exam and I felt I had nailed my study technique for that class. My instructor even said my studying technique was working for me, but I make stupid mistakes. I really am trying to figure this all out, but I can only get down to the fact that somewhere in the back of my mind, I do not believe I am good enough.  I am a person who typically does not get rattled by other people, but when I hear how my classmates cram and ace exams I get extremely defeated. I’m busting my butt to learn content and make connections between all my courses, but it all seems in vain.Why am I so stupid? This post is a hot mess, but it is honestly where my mind is right now…


5 thoughts on “Struggling

  1. I completely understand that feeling! I was struggling in my clinical course this semester. My friends kept making higher grades than me and I was not doing so well. We just got a tutor for that class and I changed my study techniques and this last test I actually did pretty decent. Anyways, YOU GOT THIS!!

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  2. I completely understand what you mean! Nursing school is tough and you get to thinking negatively sometimes BUT please please PLEASE don’t think you’re stupid because you aren’t, just relax and take a break from it all, clear your mind and once you’re in a better mind space, try getting back to focusing on your studies. Practice as much as you can, make quizzes, have a study group even if it’s just two people, whatever feels works best for you. You can do this, you’re good enough and you’re gonna nail pharm and this semester! 🙂

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  3. This post is so raw and you’re very brave for getting your feelings out there. Its frustrating when you don’t get the grades you expected but just remember your grades don’t define you. It’s so much easier said but just focus on taking a breath, and come back to learning with more optimism. It’s gonna be okay and it’s certainly not the end. You ARE good enough and you will get through this. I hope everything works out!

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