First Semester Finals Reflection

Hello all! I know it has been a while, but I finally got my laptop battery replaced. This post will be a little reflection on my first semester finals week.

First Semester Finals Week Reflection

As of December 14th, I finished my last final exam of my first semester of nursing school! Finals week was a struggle you all! My Pharmacology exam was supposed to be on Monday, but it ended up being pushed to Thursday because of the icy road conditions. My finals ended up being Wednesday-Friday in this order: Health Assessment, Pharmacology & Foundations. During finals week, I was completely over it. I will admit I only studied for Pharmacology  because it was the only non-cumulative final. I really did not study for Foundations, because I had been studying for ATI the week before and was just tired of seeing the same content. Luckily it all worked out as I did well on all my finals.

Let’s talk about ATI really fast! I did well enough; way better than I expected. I plan on writing blog posts on handling ATI, because I believe it is a great resource. 

Overall, I am happy that finals week is over. I did struggle with motivation during finals week, which has never happened to me before. I plan on relaxing a bit before I begin studying for second semester (yes, our instructors have given us topics). I’m sorry this blog post is a bit lackluster, but I am still recovering mentally. I will put up a first semester reflection soon!


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  1. I only have one semester left until I can officially start the nursing program…HOWEVER, it has not been an easy ride. While I love school, I am so glad that the semester is over, and winter break has begun.

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