Why I Don’t Share My Grades

Hello all! Today’s post will be a little different… I plan on keeping this post, short and sweet. Let us begin…


As you can read from the title, I do not share my grades with my classmates. My mother taught me to never do this ever since I was young, and it may have been the best piece of academic advice she ever gave me. Since I was in elementary up until now, I have only shared my grades with my family at home and that is all.


  • It is embarrassing.

Need I say more? For me, sharing my grades is extremely awkward. I feel grades are personal, therefore if I have the option to not share it I won’t🤷…

  • Comparisons and competition.

Welp, I’m a nursing student and after exams my fellow classmates like to hang around and discuss grades. Literally, you all they will take their tests and be free to go home, but will patiently wait outside the testing room to compare grades. I don’t have time for that…. Some of my classmates are too competitive for no reason. For some, their goal is to be op of the class. I don’t care about that, my only competition is myself and the process of nursing school.

  • Not that important.

Don’t get me grades, grades are important to an extent; however, they are not everything. When this whole process is said and done, no one will care what my grades were. My patients will not care if I received an A or award during my nursing program. They will just want help. It will be my job to piece together what I learned in school, with what I learn on the job to care for them. The glory of grades will fade…


This post is just quick review of why I don’t share my grades and do not plan on sharing my grades with others aside from my family at home.

What do you think?

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