3 Nursing School Pet Peeves

Hello all! Today’s post may not be the most positive, but it is going to be extremely honest. But these are three pet peeves I have gathered up over the course of my first semester of nursing school. Let us begin!

3 Nursing School Pet Peeves

Disclaimer: These statements are my opinions and do not reflect the opinions of all nursing programs/students. The statements in this blog posts and others are a mere reflection of logical progression throughout time. 

  • Cocky older students.

Sorry, this had to go first, because I need to get it off of my chest fast. I respect my elders, even if I disagree with them. That is something I learned growing up with foreign parents; however, some older students have an incredible chip on their shoulder. I am fed up of being berated on how I have “no life experience”, therefore I do not know how to deal with things, etc. I find this incredibly judgmental.

I absolutely detest when older classmates assume they have no need to respect our instructors who are the same age as them and act as if that buys them favors. It may, but that is none of my business… I will also say that after a three-hour class period of group presentations(no breaks), I learned that the older students were the some of the most disrespectful. Chatting while groups are talking, laughing out-loud at social media or group jokes… You would think they would know how to act. Some of them are really uptight too, which I can understand in a way (until they start getting pushy).

  • Know-it-all CNAs/PCTs.

This refers to some of my classmates who are CNAs/PCTs/people with a medical background. I am so tired of hearing them talk brag about their experience. There are a couple in my class who think they are leaders, but they simply have big mouths are always ready to pass on directions. Several have even dared to say they are pretty much nurses already, which is absolutely absurd. You would not have to be here if you are “pretty much a nurse”…

  • Nursing Insecurity.

Nursing Diagnosis and Nursing Theories are a full of it. Sorry, not sorry. Nursing tries so hard to distinguish itself from medicine, it makes nurses look dumb. However, this is all a part of the process and I am sure every program has its degree of “fluff”. My opinion may change in the future, but I have never heard a nurse discuss a nursing theory…I feel they are more useful when completing NCLEX questions… Nevertheless, I will do my best to remain positive. What do you think?


What are your nursing/nursing school pet peeves? 



2 thoughts on “3 Nursing School Pet Peeves

  1. YES! The nursing know it alls drive me nuts… A good reminder to keep me calm when they always speak up is that they wouldn’t be in nursing school if they did know it all and you are learning all at the same pace.

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