How I Passed the Nursing Fundamentals ATI

Hello everyone! I feel like I am playing catch-up from the past semester, but I wanted to get this post out there. I hope someone will benefit from it in the future.

how to pass the ati fundamentals proctored exam


This is very important, my program required us to take one of the practice exams, about three weeks out to get us ‘warmed up’. This will help you become acquainted with question formats, content, etc. My instructor recommended we do not study before the first practice and I recommend you all do that as well.



My program requires us to complete the Focused Review from our first practice test for all ATI proctored exams. As soon as you finish taking the practice test, ATI will generate your score, as well as your focused review. The focused review contains topics you should go over and it also provides you with the exact page number from the ATI book to reference/read. or each topic in the focused review, we had to write three main points on the topic.

For example:


This is how your Focused Review will pop up. Each bold heading is a subject, underneath are subheadings. These subheadings refer to the questions you missed. You will write three points on for these. Make sure to hand-write these!


Make sure to re-take the first practice test again and make sure to READ THE RATIONALES. Reading the rationales, helps you figure out the way to attack these questions. You will notice a trend (ADPIE/ADOPIE, Maslow’s, etc.)


After completing your first practice test and Focused Review. Re-read any chapters on topics you may have struggled with throughout the semester. I also went through my ATI outlines that I made throughout the semester each week from assigned ATI readings/modules. If you do not have time to read the entire ATI books, just read what you think are your weak points. However, I strongly, strongly suggest you read the book…

Afterwards, take another practice test, complete a Focused Review for that, then do as many practice questions as you can on the ATI website. This should prepare you for the actual proctored exam.

Well, I’ve told you how I studied, now I will give you some more rapid-fire tips:
  • Complete the Focused Reviews in a calm environment, if possible.
  • ONLY STUDY ATI MATERIAL/CONTENT. Your assigned textbook for the course will be of no help.
  • Know electrolyte lab values.
  • Take a deep breath when taking the proctored exam and take your time. Please do not rush during your practice or during your proctored exam.
  • Do a Focused Review after you take the actual exam…This information will come back to haunt you! It can never hurt to make sure you drive that information into your mind.

These are all the tips I have for you all! I cannot give details to exam content, due to ATI policy, but I hope this helped! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Do you have any tips for anyone taking their ATI Fundamentals Exam?


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