Am I Meant For Nursing?

Hello all! Guess what time it is? It’s rant time! Sit back and enjoy another one of my unorganized rants (if you are interested, of course)…

Am I Meant For Nursing_

A few days ago, one of my fellow externs asked me what my plans were for my nursing future. I replied I am conflicted between Peds ER or PICU, but am looking for something that will fit m personality as I get bored easily and enjoy science.  We discussed a couple of other topics which were met with some lackluster replies from me (sometimes when I talk it sounds very nonchalant). I was met with the response “Well why are you doing nursing?”. “Well there is not any science in the ICU, just assessing”.

I had to bite my tongue and not go on a rant about how it is not my peers’ position to insert their opinion about my future career in nursing. I simply replied, “Because I enjoy it”. It is not your business to know my why. You bragging about your program and your straight As does not intimidate me, because I know patients won’t care. I am here to become a better nurse and be that change.

How dare one of my peers question my position when I fought hard to gain one out of forty spots to this externship when hundreds applied? Not every nurse wants to mindlessly follow orders. I am an inquisitive individual, who enjoys the challenge of asking myself “Why?”. I think it is perfectly fine for a nurse to be inquisitive and willing to learn. Finishing nursing school, does not mean learning stops; healthcare is changing everyday. I am tired of being condemned for this.

This did not bother me that much, because since I have been in nursing school, I have so many people tell me that because I enjoy science on a slightly deeper level, I am not going to be a good nurse. Nursing is more than simply assessing because the order says so. What are you assessing? Why does your patient have those symptoms? What is going on internally that explains your interventions? I can never know everything in life, but I feel that I will never settle from learning.

I may have a serious personality. I might look like I have nothing to offer the world and honestly, I feel like that most days. Despite all this, I have a passion for nursing. I am not here to compete with others and prove that my passion is stronger than someone else’s. My true long term goal is to be a knowledgeable nurse.

I wanted to share this with anyone who is dealing with naysayers. Nurses or nursing students will always have some sort of opinion. Ignore it and move on. Instead, focus on those little moments where you know this is where you are meant to be…










5 thoughts on “Am I Meant For Nursing?

  1. I might not have studied nursing, but throughout my undergraduate degree in social work, I have had many people question my “why”. What is important is that you are doing what you LOVE & I think it is great that you have a passion for learning. Life long learning is the best asset health providers can have because treatments & the way we understand health changes constantly ❤️

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  2. When I was doing my prereqs, my anatomy and physiology professor (who has been an M.D. for over 40 years and thus worked with tons of nurses) told us multiple times that the best nurses are the ones who know how to think. Don’t just memorize everything and mindlessly follow orders. Make connections and be curious about how the pieces may fit together. She challenged us to try and figure out what may be going on under the surface. You’re going to be the best kind of nurse! Keep it up =)

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