Getting Back on Track

Hello everyone! I come with a health/fitness post. I was recently unable to go to the gym for around a month. If you are interested in how I stayed on track without a gym and how I’m getting back into my routine, keep reading!


Getting Back On Track.png

I will admit, it was very difficult not lifting for a month, but I did remain “on track” in more ways than others. I made sure to keep up with my water intake, meal prep and consume clean snacks. As far as physical activity, working three twelves as a Nurse Extern, kept me in motion as I was walking one to three miles per shift.

Here is how I’m getting back into my routine…


  • Water intake


I always try to keep up with drinking water. I love using my reusable water bottle and carrying it along when running errands. I find that I end up sipping water on my drive and between errands. You can always find my water bottle nearby during my shifts as well!

  • Nutrition

I did a fairly decent job of staying on track with my nutrition by continuing to meal prep. I am still meal prepping (of course) and just making sure I eat clean. I also try to make sure I keep plenty of snacks on hand. Some of my favorite snacks include: Blue Diamond Salt n’ Vinegar almonds, apples with peanut butter and strawberries.

  • Gym Routine

gettingbackontrack_gymIn order to hopefully regain some strength and athleticism, I have started to workout three times a week compared to the four I was completing. I will be going to the gym on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for full body workouts and HIIT cardio. I will admit it has been disheartening seeing how my endurance and strength has decreased, but I am hoping to build it back up in the next eight weeks. I am currently completing the Total Package program from Muscle & Strength.


That’s pretty much all I am doing to get back on track. These may seem very simple, but I have found this is what works for me. I do not count calories or macros, I simply eat relatively clean, listen to my body and let it do the rest.


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