My Fall 2019 Nursing School Schedule

Hello everyone! Well, it is that time of the year of again: back-to-school. I cannot believe I am a senior and have 8 months left… I wanted to share my Fall semester schedule with you all, as well as my thoughts/expectations for each course. If you are interested, keep reading!

Fall 2019 Nursing School Schedule.png


This semester is similar to my last semester, meaning the semester is split in “half”. You can checkout my second semester junior schedule here.

First Half of Semester

  • Monday: No Class

I am going to love this, because it means I don’t have to rush back to campus Sunday evenings after work. Instead, I plan on staying at home (because I work in my home city), and work on class work for my online class: Evidence-Based Practice. I also plan on using Mondays to complete volunteer shifts.

  • Tuesday: Medical Surgical Nursing II (1015-1215)

Med-Surg II… I have heard that this course is immensely easier compared to Med-Surg I because the pieces start coming together. I am excited for this class because it is an opportunity to learn more about pathologies and relate it to my summer nurse externship.

  • Wednesday: Clinical (0700-1900)

Clinical is clinical. However, clinical does not go until 1900. Post conference will typically end around 1300-1400. This will allow me to return to my home city and go to church!

  • Thursday: No Class

No class again! I plan on using this day to study and complete any classwork. I also always do grocery shopping/errands on Thursday, which works out perfectly.

  • Friday: Medical Surgical Nursing II (1015-1215)

Friday will be the second lecture for Med-Surg II. Luckily lecture finishes at lunch and starts pretty late in the morning (to me). I will most likely drive up to campus from my home instead of staying on campus, (unless it is a test day).

Between the two halves of the semester, we will have two weeks of “switch week”, where we are completing finals as well as beginning second half courses. During the switch weeks I will be in class/clinical all days of the week but Thursday. Switch week will not be very fun, but is a necessary evil.

Second Half of Semester

  • Monday: Psychiatric Nursing Clinical (0700-1900)

Monday clinical is not going to be fun, but the upside is that it will be behind me for the week. I will admit I am a nervous for this clinical as I do not think I am meant for Psych nursing. From what I have heard my program’s Psych clinical lasts until 1700, which should be interesting.

  • Tuesday: Psychiatric Nursing (1300-1600)

Lecture day! I have never had a class that lasts until 1600 before. I know this lecture will require a lot of longevity from me (especially on test days). Luckily I’ll have more than enough time to workout before lecture! I do plan on driving back home after lecture.

  • Wednesday: No Class

I plan on using these days off to work on my online Leadership in Nursing course, study hard and complete a volunteer shift.

  • Thursday: No Class
  • Friday: Psychiatric Nursing (1300-1600)

My schedule may vary due to SNA meetings, as well as honor society meetings. For instance, if our meetings are on days when I don’t attend class, I will have to return to campus a bit sooner during the first half of the semester.


Overall, I am a little excited, but pretty nervous for semester 3/4. I cannot believe I will be applying for a nursing job (residency) in October, applying for graduation and preparing for job interviews. I’ll also be turning twenty right before the semester starts! I know I will continue to grow and change during this semester and am excited to see myself develop into a young nurse.

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “My Fall 2019 Nursing School Schedule

  1. So exciting and nerve-racking! Looking forward to reading about how it progresses for you. I have two more weeks before my junior year starts. I’ll be diving into the world of med-surge, and I’ll also be taking evidence based nursing.

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