Nursing School Confession #1: I Never Liked My Classes?

Hello all! I wanted to start something a little different, where I publish a brief post with one “confession”. My first one is about nursing school classes. Every time someone asks me if I like nursing school I hesitate a bit. People will say that is normal and that lot’s of nurses hated nursing school. I don’t hate nursing school, nor do  I think it is extremely difficult. I do think there should be some sort of education reform for the nursing profession, as I feel nursing education alone is lackluster.


Upon reflecting on my past three years in college, I realized that I have not actually enjoyed many of my nursing school courses. I enjoyed prerequisites more. The only courses I have enjoyed in nursing school so far are: Pharmacology (even though my grade wasn’t so hot) and Med-Surg I and II (because of the heavy Patho focus). Don’t get me wrong, I am doing well in nursing school compared to the vast majority, but for some reason I feel like something is missing…. I am looking forward to Critical Care next semester, which I think is what I am looking for. Nevertheless, I enjoy learning and school.

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3 thoughts on “Nursing School Confession #1: I Never Liked My Classes?

  1. This is my first semester of nursing school and there are courses that I am taking that are extremey difficult that will never help me in the field of Nursing. I am struggling trying to find a balance of my time between taking most of my days to try to understand my unrelated but difficult class just so I can pass and also try to do really well in my Anatomy classes that actually matter most to me. I am just frustrated as to why they make some of the pre-req classes SO difficult when nurses want to focus on nursing related courses.

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