Almost There

Hello all!

I’m back! This semester was a blur! I cannot believe it is over! I’ve actually been on break for a while now, but decided to give a quick overview/update before the year is over. I did not post this semester, so there is a little but to catch up on.


Semester 3/4 done.

I am done with my first semester of senior year. I cannot get over it. This past semester I was in the following courses: Med-Surg II (10 week), Research (7 weeks online), Psych (7 weeks) and Leadership (7 weeks). Grade-wide, this semester was fantastic, but these courses were fairly dull. I did enjoy Med-Surg II the most. Research was disappointing. I was not a big fan of my group, especially considering I am interested in research. Psych was a disaster, as the course and my instructor. Leadership was a nice breeze, the hardest part is prioritization. Overall, I can’t fuss too much, this past semester was a nice pace compared to last semester.

Clinicals were great because I could tell the difference in my patient care. I was surprised at how much more comfortable I felt in Med-Surg clinical and Psych clinical.  I am forever grateful for externship you guys. I would highly recommend one if you are able to do so. I know I rant about it a lot on here, but I really believe externship made me a better nursing student and will hopefully make me a better job candidate.


Speaking of jobs, I am in the process of applying to jobs (new graduate residencies). Thankfully, things turned around  I will not share more information on this as I am still waiting to hear if I have received interview invitations.

Current Job

monitortechI am still working as a PRN “Monitor Tech”. I usually work Friday nights, but have been working one 8 hour shift and two 12 hour shifts per week over break.

Overall, I am satisfied with my job as every shift is something new. I always rotating between various floors and a couple of roles. I have also learned so much from listening to the nurses and observing various floor dynamics. The only thing I miss about my old job is working with with children…


I am sill volunteering as a Child Life volunteer at my local children;s hospital. I have been doing this for the past two years now and I just love it! I also take advantage of this in combination with my job (when I get floated to to Children’s) to observe the nurses. I plan to take this into consideration when if I receive multiple offers. I am also still in an honor society which is very low commitment and still secretary of my school’s SNA chapter. SNA has been very stressful and the rest of my classmates on the board want to make SNA a lot better, but we only have a couple of months to do so. Hopefully we can leave the next board a decent foundation…


That is a summary of my semester! Thank you all for sticking with me. I will be back for a new 2020 planner post. See you then!



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