Staying Safe at the Gym: COVID-19

Hello all! Today I will be sharing how I have been keeping safe at my gym during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please keep in mind at the time this post is being uploaded, my gym is still open with some stipulations. In this post, I will share some quick tips on staying safe during this crisis. If you are interested, keep reading!

**Disclaimer: I am not an infectious disease professional. The information provided in this blog post is to be taken at your own risk. Please consult your official loacl government agencies for information concerning disease transmission, prevention, etc.

1. Wash ‘yer hands!

This is NOT optional people. Wash them! I remember my first day of microbiology lab, we were able to swab anything in the science building and allow it to grow. Let me tell you, Strep, Staph all that is everywhere. I cannot imagine what is around at the gym. Wash those hands before and after your workout…

2. Wipe down the equipment.

Wipe down each piece of equipment you use before AND after you use it. This can include your dumbbell/kettlebells/cable attachments. Use the cleaning wipe/paper towel that your gym has with you. Don’t be ashamed!

3. Don’t touch your face.

I know this is a hard once, because it is something struggle with. Try to avoid touching your fae/rubbing your eyes as much as possible. This will help decrease the chances of getting infected. As I said, pathogens are everywhere!

4. Keep your distance.

When you arrive to the gym, keep your distance from others. This should not be too hard right now because if your gym is open it is probably very empty. Since it is very empty, you should be able to keep six feet away.

5. If you feel sick…

If you feel sick, or “off” do not show up. Although you may feel like you are going to shrivel up, you won’t. It is better to be sage than sorry.

Those are some quick tips I have for staying safe at the gym during this time. Hopefully you were already doing these before. Keep in mind I am currently expecting my gym to shut down soon (since hours have been limitied). I am preparing for this, just in case… In the meantime, I am trying to be extra cautious and go at slow times. Stay safe and thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Staying Safe at the Gym: COVID-19

  1. All the gyms in my city are closed but I’m thankful that there are still home workout options from YouTubers like Blogilates. I love that you’re taking all these precautions and keeping yourself and people around you safe!

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    1. I am honestly suprised my gym is still open, but they are doing an awesome job (not that they don’t already). I am still stocking up on some home workout items. I’m going to have to hop on Youtube myself! Thanks for reading!

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